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Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing Announces New Leadership

May 21, 2013
A student at work in the newly constructed TDS Center, where manufacturing classes take place.
A student at work in the newly constructed TDS Center, where manufacturing classes take place.

Philip Suter Leads Collaboration to Build New Hampshire Workforce

The Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing (RCAM) today announces its new executive director, Philip Suter, who brings 30 years of experience in management, marketing and teaching to RCAM. Launched in February 2010, RCAM is a partnership between Keene State College, the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce, the Keene School District and River Valley Community College, linking business and education resources to provide highly trained professionals for precision manufacturing and technology jobs. Mr. Suter began his post on May 20. He takes the place of the first RCAM executive director, Norman Fisk.

“I am honored to work with the four organizations whose hard work launched RCAM – Keene State College, River Valley Community College, Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce and the Keene School District. I look forward to working with advanced manufacturing and technology employers in the greater Monadnock area on developing the skills they need to compete effectively in the 21st century global economy. We all face the challenge of anticipating the workforce requirements of the future,” said Mr. Suter. “Keene and the surrounding Monadnock area communities have a long recognized tradition of working together across the public, private, nonprofit and education sectors to think holistically about what is needed to create a sustainable, economically prosperous future. I am certain that the RCAM collaborative will continue to be a key player in this community conversation, and a key collaborator in developing strategies to help develop the advanced technical skills employers in the area need to succeed.”

The Monadnock Region is home to more than seventy high-tech manufacturing companies. Businesses throughout New Hampshire report that it can be difficult to recruit skilled New Hampshire employees. RCAM offers educational and training opportunities for new students, and experienced and transitioning workers. By providing access to essential technological equipment and laboratories, the program seeks to develop the skilled workforce that meets the needs of New Hampshire businesses.