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Experience a Keene State Club Hockey Game Through the Eyes of a Student

The Keene State College Men's Ice Hockey Club Team
The Keene State College Men's Ice Hockey Club Team

Keene State club hockey games are an experience like no other. You can feel the energy – from the fans to the team, Keene Ice is electric when there’s a game.

Walking into the arena, the cold air hits your face and your senses overwhelm you. You can smell the popcorn and the ice rink. Seats fill up quickly with spectators that are bundled head to toe with coats, hats, and cozy blankets. The music starts pumping and the team comes flying out of the locker room to the sounds of screaming, chanting, and clapping as the Keene community rallies for the game.

The teams are warming up, filling the arena with the sound of pucks and skates sliding across the ice. The crowd screams encouragement to the Owls and music blasts from the speakers. Then, the buzzer sounds and it’s time to drop the puck.

The national anthem starts playing and the arena goes silent for a moment, before the sound of a hockey stick pounding against the ice comes into focus, signaling both teams to take the ice. The puck drops and the arena is filled with screams again.

Keene State students surround the ice, chanting and pounding on the glass, going crazy in support of the players. The clock counts down the minutes of each period, getting closer and closer to the buzzer. Everyone is on the edge of their seats cheering on Keene State, hoping for a goal.

Red and white flash across the ice, there’s the sound of stick striking puck and then a split second of silence followed by an absolute explosion of energy. Keene State scores, the crowd goes wild, and the buzzer screams. The Owls come away with a last-second victory.

The crowd scatters for the door, or rush to see their favorite hockey player. It doesn’t matter if the Owls win or lose, everyone knows they’ll be back to watch the next one.

Written by Lily Viapiano ‘22

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