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Behind the Camera with Lynne Carrión

Lynne Carrión
Lynne Carrión ‘18

“My goal is to change the world,” said Lynne Carrión ‘18, a film studies major who graduated last month. She paused her hectic end-of-semester schedule to sit and reflect on the past four years she’s spent studying at Keene State College.

When Carrión was looking at colleges, she knew she wanted one with a film program. “When I was younger, I really enjoyed TV shows and films,” said Carrión. “I’d heard good things about the film studies program here, so I thought I’d try it. I stuck with it because film is a great platform for anyone looking to amplify their voice and educate.”

The relationships Carrión has created with different people, from classmates to faculty, have made all the difference. “This place is a community,” said Carrión. “It’s so easy to ask for help, and there are professors who are willing to help no matter what program you’re in. My film professors helped me at every stage!”

The Integrative Studies Program (ISP) was also vital to Carrión’s education. “I wouldn’t have found my minor if I hadn’t deviated and taken a theatre class,” she said. “As a film studies major, you need different subject matter to pull from. You need ideas to make films so I think the ISP program really helps you come up with concepts to explore.”

Carrión recently debuted an experimental two-part film titled Classified. One of the things she enjoyed most about being a film studies major was the freedom to choose her own film topics and ideas. “Classified explores being black in predominantly white societies, with a particular focus on black women and the City of Keene.” she said. “The second part is about rape culture told from a survivor’s point of view. I like talking about topics audiences might be unaware of in hopes that they are ready to listen and learn.”

Carrión has been involved in a wide range of on-campus activities. She’s been an orientation leader, an arts ambassador for the Redfern Arts Center, and an e-board member of Campus Ecology. Being involved has been a key part of how she made friends on campus. The summer before her first year, she was also selected to participate in a leadership retreat.

“The summer leadership retreat was really helpful because I met other first-generation students just like me,” she shared. “I felt supported here because there are a lot of first-generation students.”

Carrión is full of advice for high school students thinking of higher education, but her biggest suggestion is to apply for as many scholarships as possible. “You never know if you’ll get it. It could be a huge help to financing your education,” she said. Carrión was a recipient of the Harry C. Tebbetts Scholarship in her senior year.

After graduation, Carrión is doing a summer internship with Florentine Films in Walpole, NH. She’s getting experience in post-production, which is helping her learn what happens after the production shoot. “Eventually, I want to be a cinematographer because there is this feeling I get when I have a camera in my hand. The adrenaline makes me feel like it’s exactly what I should be doing.”

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