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Student Takes Variety of Classes with Earth/Space Science Major

Morgan Chantler ’21
Morgan Chantler ’21

When Morgan Chantler ’21 sat down with an academic and career advisor during her first-year orientation, she wasn’t sure which direction her studies would take her.

“I wanted to study how humans affect the earth and wasn’t sure how to find a major in that,” she said. “My advisor suggested earth/space science and it’s been great!”

The earth/space science program combines classes in geology, meteorology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and environmental studies for a holistic approach to how earth and space systems are interconnected. This major also prepares students to become science teachers in grades 7 to 12. Morgan is considering becoming a teacher, so her second major is in secondary education.

“The easiest thing about this major is how relatable it is,” said Morgan. “For example, I don’t think a lot of people realize how important our air is. Sometimes our air quality is taken for granted but it’s very important and we need to pay attention because it could become a problem in the future. It’s easy to understand how earth science impacts the way we live.”

Morgan’s favorite class so far? Oceanography. She not only enjoys learning about marine life and ocean systems but she also likes learning different ways to teach this complex subject matter to others.

The Merrimack, NH, native wanted to attend school close to home. “My parents and I visited and I thought this place was really cool,” said Morgan. “I like that Keene State isn’t huge. I’m always meeting new people but at the same time it’s comfortable. I like the close-knit feel of our community.”

When Morgan isn’t in class, she keeps herself busy with different clubs and activities. She’s involved in student government, orientation, Eco-Reps, the Fair Trade Club, Ski and Snowboard Club, and many intramural team sports.

As Morgan heads into her junior year, her advice for new students is to try something new at least once a month. “Do something that you would never think of doing because you meet so many new people and you’ll find something you never thought you’d like,” said Morgan.

What did Morgan discover? Improv. “Last year, I joined the student improv club. I was never a theatre person but I had so much fun!”

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