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Like Coloring Outside the Lines? You’ll Like American Studies

Following evacuation orders, this store was closed.   The owner, a University of California graduate of Japanese descent, placed the "I AM AN AMERICAN" sign on the store front the day after Pearl Harbor.  Oakland, CA, April 1942.  Dorothea Lange. (WRA)Exact Date Shot unknownNARA FILE #:  210-G-2A-35WAR & CONFLICT #:  772

The Boston Tea Party and the 2017 Women’s March. Sojourner Truth and Emma Gonzalez. Model T’s and Teslas. Elvis Presley and Chance the Rapper. They’re all part of the big, messy story of the United States. American studies is also big and doesn’t fall into tidy categories: it crosses over into politics, music, economics, literature, philosophy, history, and more, and looks at the important questions of life in the United States.

You’ll like American Studies if:

  • You’re fascinated with the American experience.
  • You read widely, think deeply, and follow your own path.
  • You care about social justice, multiculturalism, and civil rights.
  • You’re ready to work hard.
  • You want a career that’s interesting and meaningful, say in education, research, social services, international relations, law, journalism, historic preservation, library science, and more.

American Studies. Find it here at Keene State.

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