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Learning Anything Interesting? You Bet!

Appian Way Arch in Winter

There’s nothing ho-hum about hitting the books (or the lab, or the studio) at Keene State. Just check out some of the terrific semester-end presentations and performances students are giving for the campus and wider community to show what they’ve learned, what they’ve discovered, and what they’ve created in their studies this fall.

From Medieval Literature, an English class:

• True Love in Medieval Literature
• The Effects of Magic on Women’s Roles
• Marriage and Courtly Love

From junior and senior seminars in environmental education:

• Exploring Keene’s potential to transition to 100% Renewable Energy
• Using Drones and Other Instruments to Better Understand Air Inversions and Woodsmoke in Keene
• Winter Wildlife Observations
• Carbon Sequestration by Soil on an Organic Farm

From senior capstone courses in the Communication and Philosophy Department:

• Dehumanizing Women Through Social Trends
• Child Immigration: Open Your Eyes
• Propaganda and the Home Front in the War on Terror
• Kendrick Lamar and the Use of The “N-Word”: A Dissection of Social Media Conversation and Relevance to Societal Issues

From the Theatre and Dance Department:

• A staged reading of Welcome to the Neighborhood, a play by student Ryan Pelligrinelli, directed by student Megan Lummus
• Choreography Showcase 2018

From English/creative writing students:

• A reading of original works

From the Art and Design Department:

• An exhibition of sculptural works

From the Music Department:

• A concert by the Jazz Ensemble

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