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Jobs Abound for English Majors

Mylynda Gill '16
Mylynda Gill '16

The English major: it’s fun, it’s versatile, it provides sought-after skills like writing, research, analysis, and oral presentation, and, best of all, it leads to work in a range of fields. Keene State English grads have done very well on the job market this year. Want examples? Check these out:

Every single English-secondary education 2018 grad has landed a job in the field. Congrats to Heather Bilodeau, English teacher, Keene (NH) High School; Madison Ballou, English teacher, Hampden Charter School of Science (Chicopee, MA); Lucy Bradshaw, English teacher, Lehigh Senior High School (Fort Myers, FL); Brendan Hoar, English teacher, Hampstead (NH) Middle School; Riley Page, Residential Life area coordinator, Bard College (NY); Meaghan Piascik, paraprofessional, Walpole (NH) School; Morgan Richmond, English teacher, Oxford Hills High School (South Paris, ME).

Sam Whitaker ’18 was hired last month as community development coordinator at Amherst College in Massachusetts.

Samantha Buckler ’18 landed a full-time job in operational support with Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship in Keene after completing an internship there.

Mylynda Gill ’16, who earned a master’s in library science from Simmons University, works at Keene State’s Mason Library and was also hired in June as assistant archivist for New Hampshire Public Radio in Concord.

Joey Lendaro ’18 works for Barton Associates, a staffing and recruiting agency with an office in Keene.

• With two years as an English/reading tutor under her belt, Caitlyn McCain ’16 was hired as a proofreader for The Marketing Store in Chicago.

• After three and a half years moving up in marketing and sales at a Boston firm, Stephanie Krasco ’15 is now a sales operations and contracting associate with athenahealth in Watertown, MA.

Why is English such a great major? Here’s what Mylynda Gill, who works at the Keene State College Library and the New Hampshire Public Radio archives, has to say:

“My English major exposed me to the world of libraries and archives. It was in an English class taught by Dr. Emily Robins Sharpe that I was introduce to the archival field. This class and my work-study position in the Keene State College Archives and Special Collections led me to complete my master’s degree in Library Science and Information Studies with Archives Concentration at Simmons College, now Simmons University. I am currently one of the Evening Circulation Supervisors and I am the Social Media Coordinator for the Mason Library at Keene State College. I am also the Archives Assistant at New Hampshire Public Radio. These jobs are both currently part time positions, and both require a lot of writing. As the social media coordinator, I have to write all of the social media posts for the Mason Library. As archives assistant, I have to write the corresponding metadata to all the digitized files I create and I have to write up the finding aids that provide background information and include an inventory of what is in the collection. My English major helped me have the skillsets needed for both of my jobs in libraries and archives.”

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