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After Raising A Family, Keene State Student Earns National Fellowship

Keene State Junior, Christine Bryan
Keene State Junior, Christine Bryan

Christine Bryan began college after raising a family. Now, a junior at Keene State, she is pursuing her passion for working with under-privileged and marginalized populations.

A long-time community volunteer, Christine is using her education at KSC to gain a broader view of social issues by working with non-profit and government organizations that align with her aspirations. Nominated by communication professor Dr. Chitra Akoor, Christine was selected for a national fellowship from Campus Compact called the Newman Civic Fellowship. The program is a one-year experience for community-minded students to support other students’ personal, professional, and civic development.

“As a nontraditional student, I bring to my studies decades of prior community experience. My education and connections at Keene State have presented a variety of opportunities. I feel I have every chance to pursue my passion,” said Christine. “I am thrilled to be selected for the Newman Civic Fellowship, and it was made possible by Keene State. It is opening up a world of opportunity to me to network with others who are civically engaged, and to learn about other research and programs around the country.”

Christine is presently conducting research exploring correlations between legislation and the delivery of social services. Affected populations include people experiencing homelessness as well as immigrants and refugees. She is seeking a grant to support further research on attitudes of legislators and providers toward those needing social services, and the type of programs that result.

Her work also includes serving as a caseworker for short-term assistance programs with the City of Keene where she offers instruction, ongoing support, and increased caseworker access.

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