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Dr. Darrell Hucks Awarded 2017 Faculty Distinction in Research and Scholarship

Story By:
Will Wrobel | Videographer/Producer
Dr. Darrell Hucks
Dr. Darrell Hucks

Associate Professor of Education Dr. Darrell Hucks has been awarded the 2017 Faculty Distinction in Research and Scholarship for his continuing contributions to the field of teacher education. This award recognizes contributions to research and scholarship at Keene State College.

Dr. Hucks’s research and scholarship have always included a focus on the challenges likely to be faced by educators in the geographic areas where he has taught. In New York City, these included urban education, culturally relevant pedagogy, and issues related to the success of Black and Latino males in educational settings. Since coming to Keene State in 2010, Dr. Hucks added new dimensions to his research that reflect the issues being explored within the Keene State environment, such as the role of technology in new teacher education and the importance of reading, writing, and research in the college curriculum. Collaborative research and teaching projects regarding the preparation of novice teachers have resulted in numerous presentations and peer-reviewed publications. According to Dr. Hucks, “My research is driven by my commitment to children and their teachers.”

Dr. Hucks’s endeavors are relevant to Keene State and the wider educational community both through his publications and the research processes involved in his work. As a colleague stated: “Dr. Hucks is not interested in self-promotion; rather he is committed to the success of others and the empowerment of future educators who are teaching the next generation of learners.”

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