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Pakistani Film Student Makes Connections and Prepares for Storytelling Career

Fim student Rehan Karim
Fim student Rehan Karim

When Rehan Karim left Gilgit, Pakistan, in January of this year for a semester at Keene State, he felt mostly prepared for his experience, with help from many friends who have been exchange students in the US. Karim is studying film at Keene State as well as back home at Habib University in Karachi, Pakistan’s first liberal arts and sciences higher education institution. The 21-year-old student has found the Keene State community to be welcoming and inspiring, and he has offered his own perspective to the college community, helping to broaden the horizons of many people on campus.

“It has been a wonderful experience. I approach people I don’t know on campus, and the personal interactions we have are polite and open about my culture. We talk without fear or any preconceived notions,” said Karim. “The community has welcomed me the best way possible.”

Karim is also gaining a valuable education through his classes, which cover US culture and society, and film. He says his experiences with faculty at Keene State are making an impact on him. “The faculty at Keene State is engaging inside and outside of the classroom. They make sure you get everything you need from this education to be successful,” said Karim. “I was also pleased to find the amazing amount and diversity of film equipment that is made available to students.”

Karim has two more semesters to complete back home in Pakistan after this spring semester at Keene State, and he is exploring his options for post-graduation. He does know that he wants to share stories about people and experiences that inspire him – stories that can help to create change.

“Keene State has helped me become more emotionally and mentally ready for my efforts after I graduate. I have a responsibility to help to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions. I want to continue to tell stories that create a ripple; to share with the world that personal interactions with others really do matter.”

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