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John Derba ’13 Wins New England Emmy Award

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John Derba ’13 with his 39th Boston New England Emmy Award
John Derba ’13 with his 39th Boston New England Emmy Award

Film major and theater minor John Derba ’13 won the 39th Boston New England Emmy Awards as videographer for his work on the Charlie Moore Outdoors episode, “Mad Fish vs. Hulk Hogan.” Derba started working on the popular NESN outdoor show about three years ago.

“After I graduated, I started applying for as many video jobs as I could find. I got a call from Charlie, and he told me he was looking for one or two people right out of school to help out with things on set and learn a bit along the way,” Derba said. “He invited me down to Cape Cod to film with a local fisherman down there. We connected pretty strongly, and he kept me on, and now I’m on the camera boat filming alongside him.”

“Keene State did a great job at helping me land the gig with Charlie. I think that the thing that I took away from the film program most was the ability to work on my own and not expect work to be handed to me. In order to succeed in this business (especially in the New England area where the film industry isn’t as established as it is in California), you’re going to have to work for it.”

And that hard work is paying off for many KSC alums. “I have met a ton of Keene State alums through various freelance projects that I’ve been able to work on over the years,” Derba said. “It’s really cool that there are so many of us all over the place. I know some that have moved out west, down south, around the New England area – we’re everywhere!”

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