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The Motion of Emotion

Her 2016 SURF grant is allowing Jessica Boushie, a senior BFA major with a concentration in Printmaking, to complete an art project titled “The Motion of Emotion,” inspired by her belief that members of her generation have been raised to hide their emotions. “However, I have come to believe that with the rise of depression, suicide, self-harm, identity issues, body image problems, and so much more, it’s very hard and unsafe to continue to hide feelings of fear, worthlessness, and helplessness,” Boushie explained.

She’s been traveling around New England, photographing friends and family, attempting to capture their authentic emotions to create a series of art works that expresses the rawness and vulnerability of human emotions. Then she’ll use these images to create a series of artworks combining two different types of printmaking mediums: linocuts and photo transfers.

“The project allows me to use the College’s resources, as well as providing the funding so I can focus on the project itself,” Boushie said. “I also believe it will help in the future with my graduate school applications – up until this point I have been using an unconventional form of printmaking, so with the mix of linocuts I will have a more established and well rounded background in the field.”

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