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Journalism Grad Applies Internship Experiences at Outside Magazine

Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas

Taylor Thomas ’15 is a lifelong outdoor adventure enthusiast. Her passion for the outdoors was only heightened when she accepted her dream job for Outside Magazine in New Mexico. The Journalism major was hired to work in the publication’s marketing department. Thomas said that the internships and journalism experience she gained at Keene State made her the perfect candidate.

Thomas, who interned at Yankee Magazine in Dublin, NH, said that she gained real world experience there. “I knew I wanted to work for a magazine and I figured that was the best way to do it. I learned a lot about different aspects of a magazine. Things like the public relations, writing for online, sidebars, and every aspect of editing and layout,” Thomas said.

Thomas also worked as the student life editor for Keene State’s newspaper The Equinox during her time as student. “The Equinox taught me about editing and teamwork. We all worked as a team, we were always in it together,” Thomas said.

After graduation Thomas worked for a New Hampshire newspaper, The Telegraph, in Nashua. Thomas said that she the enjoyed The Telegraph but was ready for a new experience.

“My friend texted me and said she saw an ad on Facebook for Outside Magazine that said they were hiring. I looked on their website and saw a junior designer position but by the time I went on the website to apply later that day there was a job opening for marketing,” Thomas said. “Marketing was something I really wanted to get into after college.”

When looking for marketing jobs, Thomas said that most places were asking for three to five years experience but she had none. “I took an online class and began learning a little bit about marketing and decided to take a chance, and apply,” Thomas said.

“The Outside Magazine job description said either three to five years marketing experience or a few years of journalism experience… I knew this was perfect for me because I wanted to get into marketing but I only had journalism experience,” Thomas said.

Thomas said that she was actually the first applicant. “If you can be the first one to apply, do it. It was clear that I was checking back for a particular job, not just applying for something that I stumbled across.”

She said the hardest part about leaving New Hampshire was leaving her family but said her friends and family were really supportive knowing she would regret not accepting her dream job.

“Don’t be scared to apply for your dream job. Give it your best shot,” Thomas said. After all, it worked for her.

—by Kendall Pope, Keene State senior studying Journalism and Public Relations, with a minor in Broadcast Journalism

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