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Brett Murray ’12 Offers Pre-med Advice

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Brett Murray ’12
Brett Murray ’12

Students planning a career in medicine got a leg up recently when Brett Murray ’12, currently a third-year medical student at Boston University, was on campus to advise those on a pre-med track and answer questions about applying to medical school.

When he heard that Biology Professor Susan Whittemore had been appointed Keene State’s pre-med advisor, Murray reached out to her to see what he could do to help current students, and she invited him to come to campus and share what he’s learned about the preparation, the application process, the course work, and the lifestyle.

Murray created an individualized major for himself at Keene State, Public Health/Safety & Emergency Services. “It was a blend of safety sciences and public health and included a two-year internship with the Swanzey Fire Dept,” he explained. “I think that the science department at KSC is absolutely fantastic, and the faculty’s support and encouragement were essential in me getting to where I am now. The administration’s willingness to let me to create my own major and incorporate elements of internships and work experience really enhanced my education and allowed me to tailor my education to my future career plans. I’d advise other students to get involved on campus, and encourage them to develop strong relationships with faculty. Your professors are such good resources and so willing to help—take advantage of that!”

“I loved the opportunity to attend Brett Murray’s presentation,” said Katie Kiley, a biology major. “It really clarified a lot of the process of applying to medical school. The best part was seeing a Keene State alum achieve what I one day hope to do. What I found especially helpful was his advice to not treat applying like a checklist. Hearing that I should be doing what I love right now, even if it’s not specifically related to pre-med, will set me apart.”

Murray would also like to see other alums follow his lead: “I’d love to encourage more recent alums to come back and help current students with their future careers. It is something that I wish I had more of as a student, so I’m thrilled to be able to come back and do this. I also think that it would be great to continue to showcase KSC’s great science department and specifically encourage more students to pursue a career in medicine.”

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