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Career Opportunity is Knocking!

Career Speaker Series

The very successful Career Speaker Series is back on campus, offering students and alumni who are looking for career opportunities, or who are just interested in learning more about certain businesses, the chance to explore possibilities for the future and learn about businesses in a variety of fields ranging from biotech and information systems to advanced manufacturing and finance. Bring your resumés and your questions. Many of the companies in this year’s series will be scheduling interviews on campus for internships and full-time positions the week after their speaking event. Don’t have a resumé? Contact Academic and Career Advising—they’ll help you create one and prepare for an interview.


September 30, 6 p.m., Rhodes S203
Hitchiner Manufacturing Company

Headquartered in Milford, NH, Hitchiner is the premier supplier of complete-to-print, high-volume, complex thin-wall investment castings and fully-finished casting-based subassemblies and components to industry. Hitchiner produces castings in hundreds of different alloys for a broad spectrum of global markets and customers that include the leaders in the automotive, aerospace, and other industries. Tim Sullivan and Scott Biederman will share more about the company, its products and technology and opportunities for careers at Hitchiner.

October 6, 2 p.m., Centennial Hall (Alumni Center)
Property and Casualty Insurance Panel

Many routine personal and businesses activities would pose catastrophic financial risks to companies and individuals without insurance! Insurance companies hire people from a wide range of backgrounds and college majors to analyze data and create insurance policies, design marketing campaigns, apply advanced scientific and engineering tools to analyze the cause of losses, and many other important functions. Using a round table discussion approach and real world examples, experts from a variety of insurance functions will bring to life what a career in insurance is all about.

October 7, 6 p.m., Rhodes S203

Lebanon, NH-based Adimab’s antibody discovery technology is leading the biopharmaceutical industry with unrivaled quality and speed from target to therapeutic molecule. The company’s goal is to create long-term value with top tier pharmaceutical companies as well as highly innovative biotechnology companies that share Adimab’s passion for bringing best in class molecules to patients quickly! Carl Johnson, Jenn Symonds, and Jarett Miller, all Keene State alumni, will be here to talk about the company, their work and opportunities at Adimab.

October 14, 6 p.m., Rhodes S203

SilverTech is a New England-based, award-winning, national marketing technology company that uses digital marketing, content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management systems (CRM), and marketing automation tools (MA) to design and develop solutions that promote profitable customer relationships. SilverTech overcomes marketing, technology, and operations challenges for businesses by implementing solutions throughout the entire customer lifecycle—from “lead to loyal”—with a strategic combination of engaging user experiences and integrated business intelligence. Students with a wide range of skills are encouraged to apply for internships, as SilverTech is an active proponent of local education initiatives and hosts interns in all departments, including software engineering, design, digital strategy, and marketing, each semester. Join President and CEO Nick Soggu to learn more about what makes SilverTech successful, and gain his insight into the marketing technology space.

October 21, 6 p.m., Rhodes S203
Whelen Engineering Company

Employing over 1,100 people, Whelen designs, manufactures, and sells public warning systems such as police and ambulance sirens. The company has over 800,000 square feet of manufacturing at its campus in Charlestown, NH, and product design operations in Chester, CT. The company is an aggressive adopter of advanced manufacturing technology such as robotics. John Olson, President, is a passionate advocate for manufacturing and for Whelen. Come learn more about Whelen and careers in the world of modern manufacturing.

October 28, 6 p.m., Rhodes S 203
Electronic Imaging Materials

Did you ever wonder how those beautiful labels on gourmet coffee and other high-end products came to be? Electronic Imaging Materials (EIM) in Keene prints these and many other labels for customers in applications ranging from retail to research laboratories to warehousing and distribution in the US and 80 other countries. EIM hires Keene State students as interns 12 months per year, pays them, and gives them real jobs and responsibilities. They have hired students from psychology, graphic design, film studies, safety, management, SPDI, chemistry, and other disciplines. Come hear KSC alum Jason Wilder, Sales and Marketing manager talk about this company and opportunities there.

November 4, 6 p.m., Rhodes S 203
C&S Wholesale Grocers

With over $21 billion in revenue, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc., based in Keene, is the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the U.S. and the industry leader in supply chain innovation. Founded in 1918 as a supplier to independent grocery stores, C&S now services customers of all sizes, supplying more than 6,000 independent supermarkets, chain stores, military bases, and institutions with over 150,000 different products. C&S hires interns and graduates from a range of majors and has an excellent Leadership Development program. Come learn more about opportunities at C&S!

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