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Hannah Legacy Wins Robin Dizard Award

Story By:
Mark Reynolds | Writer/Editor
Robin Dizard Award winner Hannah Legacy
Robin Dizard Award winner Hannah Legacy

An outstanding student with the highest GPA in the American Studies program, Hannah Legacy was chosen for the Robin Dizard American Studies Award. The major seems to suit her perfectly. “My favorite thing about American Studies is that it’s such a broad field of study," she explained. "It encourages me to think critically and to analyze our growing and changing country in every aspect. I take classes on music history, literature, and American history, but it feels like anything else I study can be integrated into the program. I’m also taking a geography minor, which is another subject that is very interesting to me.

"I would also venture to say that had it not been for a few key teachers, I would not have become the ravenous learner that I am today. Professor of English Sally Joyce has been an incredible influence on me in the field of Native American culture, and she sparked a desire in me to teach others. Before I took her class, I thought I might be a journalist or a photographer, but it was her teaching style and personality that ignited in me the urge to try and become a professor myself. I also have taken some amazing classes with Dr. Richard Lebeaux as well.”

And all this from a student who also held down a 30-hour-a-week job while attending classes!

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