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Eco-Reps Raise Student Awareness

November 22, 2011
Eco-reps Gregg French and Danielle Flaherty
Eco-reps Gregg French and Danielle Flaherty

Genocide and Holocaust Studies major Danielle Flaherty and Education/History major Gregg French presented at an Eco-Representative conference at Babson College on Saturday, Nov. 5.

Eco-reps is a peer-to-peer education program that works primarily in residence halls to make students aware of how their actions impact the environment and the cost of running the school. Danielle and Greg were asked to look at how their major ties in with the education work they have been doing. For example, Danielle looked at how the way Americans use and dispose of technology impacts the resources and the social, environmental, and economic fabric in such places as the Sudan. Their presentation was in the "Effective Dorm Strategies" track and featured their work as peer educators at KSC.

Greener-U organized the conference, which brought schools (including Babson, Tufts, UVM, and KSC) from around New England together to discuss best practices in their Eco-rep programs. Our students talked about their experience as Eco-rep peer educators and what kinds of projects they have worked on or are currently working on.