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Showing Mother Earth Some Love

Keene N.H., 4/19/10 - Eco-reps at Keene State College have organized an eventful Earth Week, April 19-24. The annual celebration focuses on sustainable changes that the campus and the community can make to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a sense of responsibility for our planet.

Activities range from the educational to the inspiring. On Monday, Jim Merkel started the week off with a talk about his commitment to earn and live on less than $5,000 a year, in order to avoid taxation that would support oil dependence and consumption. On Wednesday, the campus undergoes the much- talked-about trash audit, when the campus trashcans are confiscated to discover how much of what we throw away could actually be recycled.

On Thursday, local farms and the Zorn Dining Commons get on board the Earth Week train, with a local-centric luncheon. Students will get a chance to support and enjoy the local flavors of hard-working area farmers, showing that buying local is both delicious and a realistic change that everyone in the community can make.

Even the new Alumni Center gets the green thumbs up this week, as many new trees and shrubs are planted on the grounds surrounding the beautiful new building. The planting of new trees on campus showcases Keene State College’s commitment to sustainability, both for today and tomorrow.

Earth Week will end on a musical note on Saturday, April 24, with Solar Fest, a solar-powered concert featuring artists known for their conservation efforts. Barefoot Truth, the McLovins, Roots of Creation, Company Green, and the Jamantics are just a few of the awesome performances lined up. Besides enjoying the green-powered tunes, people can view art by local and student artists and try their hand at tie-dyeing and hair wraps.

Thanks to the efforts of student organizations and the Presiden’s Council for a Sustainable Future, Earth Week 2010 is a celebration that shows when you love your planet, “Green is all you need!”

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