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New Honors Program Announced

Keene, N.H., 5/2/07 - Dean of Arts and Humanities Nona Fienberg has announced that the College will welcome a group of excellent students into its new Honors Program in the fall of 2007. Inspired by the new Integrative Studies (IS) Program, a committee of interested faculty and staff worked hard this semester to develop a vision of Honors at Keene State, based upon the College’s “dynamic progression to a new level of academic excellence” (Strategic Plan).

The Honors Committee designed an Honors track program of five IS courses embedded in the Integrative Studies Program. In their entering semester, Honors students will enroll in one of two designated Honors TW sections.

In the spring of ‘08 and each semester in their sophomore year, they will enroll in designated Honors IS Perspectives sections. In their junior and senior years, Honors students will participate in a study abroad experience and share a senior capstone IS course. Residential students may be housed together in a living/learning community for their first year.

We have already issued invitations to the College’s strongest entering students, received portfolios from a motivated group of 48 high achievers, and have welcomed those students into the Honors Program. Please contact Nona Fienberg at for more information.

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