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Advanced Printmaking Students Exhibit at Center at Keene

KEENE, N.H. 12/12/05 - “To Whom It May Concern,” an exhibit of creative works by Advanced Printmaking students from Keene State College, will be on display through Friday, December 16, in a storefront on the north side of the Center at Keene. The exhibit will be on view from 2 to 6 p.m. daily. An opening reception will be on held on Monday, December 12, at 5 p.m.

According to Rosemarie Bernardi, associate professor of art and the course instructor, the exhibit showcases nontraditional modes of printmaking including installation-oriented pieces, slide projections, photo etchings, and monotypes. The artists are using this opportunity to incorporate elements of the display space - such as windows and a storeroom - into their installations. Themes relating to love, guns and children, and loss of home and heart are investigated in the works.

Part of the students’ course work was to plan and organize the exhibition, Bernardi said. They began by obtaining display space, which was donated by Dan Fowler of the Mayo Group in the Center at Keene. Then they created display space in the storefront, designed announcements, negotiated wall space, organized the opening reception and secured insurance for the exhibition.

“This exhibition gives the students a chance to have some control and professional responsibility for the display of their work,” said Bernardi. “I wanted them to experience the thrills, challenges, and feedback that professional artists encounter when displaying their work in public. It’s also exciting that these young artists are able to present their work to the Keene community.”

The six students participating are John Anderson, David Donovan, Liz Gallugi, Adrienne LaBombard, Ashleigh Reams and Stewart Thompson.

For more information, contact Rosemarie Benardi at 358-2151.

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