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Three-Day KSC Symposium Addresses Globalization

KEENE, N.H. 10/25/05 - A term much used but seldom defined, “globalization” can be a force either positive or dangerous, depending on your view of the world. Most of human economics, politics, technology and culture now seems to cross national borders in an increasingly complex web. Is this trend inevitable? Whom does it help, or hurt?

A three-day symposium at Keene State College Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 3-5, will examine globalization and its impact on the peoples of the world. Speakers will address issues of the environment, health, education, media, community development, and justice. The event brings together a diverse group of speakers and performers from many nations and backgrounds.

“Globalization: Impact on Peoples of the World” is Keene State’s fourth biennial World Affairs Symposium. All events are free and open to the public.

Setting the stage for the symposium will be a performance by the Ibdaa Dance Troupe - The Children of Dheisheh on Monday, Oct. 31, at 4:30 p.m. in the Mabel Brown Room of the Young Student Center. Ibdaa is a grassroots organization providing social, educational, and cultural programs for the children, youth, and women of Dheisheh refugee camp in Palestine. This Palestinian children’s dance troupe has performed in 16 countries around the world. Through traditional folkloric dance and theatrical choreography, the troupe of 26 girls and boys depict Palestinian refugees’ history and aspirations.

This fall’s James D. Ewing World Affairs Lecture will take place in conjunction with the symposium. The Ewing lecturer, appearing Friday, Nov. 4, at 4 p.m. in the Mabel Brown Room, is Dr. David Walton, who will speak about his work with Partners in Health (PIH), which runs medical programs in developing and developed nations. PIH combats AIDS and women’s health problems in rural Haiti, runs tuberculosis treatment projects in the prisons of Siberia and the shantytowns of urban Peru, provides training programs for community health workers in Mexico, conducts community-based mental health outreach in highland Guatemala, and runs a violence-prevention curriculum in inner-city Boston.

The globalization symposium and related events are all free and open to the public.

For a detailed schedule, please visit here.

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