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Keene State's OSHA Center Partners with UMass New England Consortium

KEENE, N.H. 1/3/05 - The Region I (New England) OSHA Training Institute Education Center in Manchester, administered by Keene State College, in partnership with The New England Consortium (TNEC) at the University of Massachusetts/Lowell, is offering health and safety training courses for hazardous waste site workers and emergency responders.

“This collaborative relationship allows both of our organizations to reach a larger New England audience and jointly offer a wider range of services to our client companies and organizations,” says Dolores Price, manager of the OSHA Education Center, which is authorized by the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Keene State’s Office of Continuing Education.

In 2005, TNEC will deliver training for hazardous waste site workers and for emergency responders at both the University of Massachusetts in Lowell (L) and at the OSHA Education Center in Manchester (M), as indicated below. These courses also may be delivered on site on a contract basis, by special arrangement, by contacting Dolores Price at 1-800-449-6742 or

A Forty-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker Basic Health and Safety Training course (NCSH 436) is required for all hazardous waste site workers before entering a hazardous waste site. Hands-on classroom presentations, tabletop exercises, donning and doffing of level A and B suits, and live interactive drills give students practical and applicable knowledge to properly address issues at hazardous waste sites. This five-day course will meet April 4-8 (L), May 9-13 (L), June 6-10 (L), June 13-17 (M), July 11-15 (L), and Sept. 12-16 (L). The tuition rate is $470 for public-sector (federal, state, municipal) workers and $575 for private-sector personnel.

An Eight-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker Refresher Training course (NCSH 437) must be completed annually to maintain certification in Forty-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker Basic Health and Safety Training. This course updates workers on standards and practices and allows them to improve hazardous waste site protection methods. This one-day course is scheduled April 12 (L), May 19 (L), June 16 (L), July 21 (L), August 16 (L), Sept. 8 (L), and Sept. 27 (M). Tuition is $120 for public-sector employees and $150 for private sector personnel.

A Twenty-Four-Hour Emergency Responder Basic Health and Safety Training course (NCSH 438) is required for all personnel who are expected to respond to emergencies involving hazardous materials. This program combines interactive classroom activities, dress-out in all levels of personal protective equipment, including level A suits, and live emergency simulations to prepare students for a proper response. This three-day course is offered April 19-21 (L) and June 21-23 (L). Tuition is $290 for public sector employees and $385 for private sector personnel.

To register for a session of any of the above three courses, or to obtain more information, please contact The New England Consortium at 978-934-3257 or

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