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Taking Sociology to Work

KEENE, N.H. 11/15/04 - Whether she is taking students to Nicaragua or writing a book, professor Peggy Walsh has her eye on sociology beyond the classroom.

“Sociology is important for students to pursue,” says Peggy Walsh, associate professor of sociology, “because it can help them accomplish more in the workplace, becoming more responsive towards equality and diversity, which will create better organizations.”

Peggy recently completed her first book, due to be published in spring 2005. “Taking Sociology to Work” is intended to answer the questions of students who wonder what kind of a job their sociology degree will prepare them for and what to expect.

“My goal with the book is to help students apply the insights from the classroom effectively in their careers in a useful format,” says Peggy.

She stresses the need for more career information available from other outlets besides the Elliot Center (home of career advising at Keene State) to aid in finding a job after college. Her book and her required course pro-seminar will help in this process, she says.

Students in her pro-seminar helped research “Taking Sociology to Work,” participating in e-mail interviews with sociology alums, which became the career profiles found in the second section of the book. Peggy feels this information is most useful - seeing what graduates are doing with their degree and how they landed a job in the discipline. The book also focuses on thinking about curriculum sequence of learning in order to reach goals.

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