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Keene State Takes Action Over Students' Behavior

KEENE, N.H. 10/22/04 - Keene State College students who were endangering the safety of others or causing damage to property following Wednesday’s Red Sox- Yankees game are subject to disciplinary action, say College officials.

Although the majority of students were well behaved in the celebrations that followed the win, more than a few students behaved inappropriately, said KSC President Stanley J. Yarosewick.

Interim suspensions from the College have already been delivered to two students, for launching fireworks and for an assault on a KSC campus safety officer, said Dr. Yarosewick. Interim suspension means that a student is banned from the campus until his or her case is heard by the College’s judicial process.

Among offenses students could be charged with are actions that endanger the safety of others, disorderly conduct, inciting a riot, and vandalism, said Dr. Yarosewick. College officials are currently working with the Keene Police Department to identify offenders.

As more students are identified, said Dr. Yarosewick, the College will take action appropriate to the level of offenses, with judicial hearings beginning next week. Hearings for the two suspended students are set for next Tuesday. Among penalties against students the College may consider are payment for damages to property, suspension, and expulsion.

College officials are also preparing for next week’s World Series games. “We want our students to enjoy the Series and to celebrate safely,” said Dr. Yarosewick.

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