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Professional Activities at Keene State College

KEENE, N.H. 10/5/02 These are among recent accomplishments by Keene State College faculty and staff members.

David Stowell, associate professor of history, recently had his article The Free Black Population of Columbia, South Carolina, in 1860: a snapshot of occupation and personal wealth accepted for publication in the South Carolina Historical Magazine, the scholarly journal of the South Carolina Historical Society. He has also been appointed a research fellow at the Institute for Southern Studies at the University of South Carolina. The appointment facilitates his research project on the role of the black community in the rebuilding of the city of Columbia, S.C., after the Civil War.

Stephen Stepenuck, professor of chemistry, was scheduled to present at the Third Annual Conference on Case Study Teaching in Science, held October 4-5 at the University at Buffalo. Dr. Stepenuck discussed the case history webs he wrote during his sabbatical, which are designed for his course in environmental chemical analysis. He also presented a talk about his KSC course Environmental Chemical Analysis at the 224th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, held in Boston in August.

William Stroup, assistant professor of English, presented a paper at the Second Annual Writers Conference in Honor of Rachel Carson, held in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, June 12-14. His talk, Words for the Marginal World: Carson, Language, and the Sea, focused on Carson’s literary style in Under the Sea Wind and The Edge of the Sea. He also published his essay Meat, Ethics, and the Case of John Wesley as a chapter in the book Orthodoxy and Heresy in Eighteenth Century Society.

Peter Stevenson, assistant professor of sociology, co-authored an article in the June issue of Social Psychology Quarterly. The article, The Role of Internalization of Gender Norms in Regulating Self-Evaluations in Response to Anticipated Delinquency, examines how aspects of a person’s gender identity may facilitate or suppress delinquent behavior among young adults.

Marie Duggan, assistant professor of economics, presented The Dynamics of Political Repression in Marxs Working Class to the History of Economics Society on July 6 in Davis, Calif. She also presented Indian Hands in the Development of California to the International Economic History Association on July 26 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Nona Fienberg, professor of English, has had her essay A Field of Feasts: Preparing the Table for Anthony and Cleopatra published in the Fall 2002 issue of Shakespeare and the Classroom.

Sander Lee, professor of philosophy, presented The Films of Woody Allen: A Philosophical Approach, at Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation, Bethlehem, N.H., on August 6. He also discussed his books about Woody Allen on September 17 on N.H. Public Radios The Front Porch.

Margaret Walsh, assistant professor of sociology, discussed Perspectives on Rural Poverty at the Rural Sociological Society meetings in Chicago in August. The session focused on the effects of welfare reform on families and communities.

Robin Dizard, associate professor of English, has co-written a new introduction to the long-out-of-print story The African Daughter: A True Tale, which will be published in the December issue of Slavery and Abolition (London). Out of print since 1831, The African Daughter is a story from a Florida plantation, in which a father and daughter from Senegambia part through the violence of slave raids but are reunited by chance when an American planter buys them both.

José Lezcano, professor of music, has been selected as 2002 Composer of the Year by the N.H. State Music Teachers Association. Earlier this summer, Dr. Lezcano premiered his Sonata for Guitar and Bassoon at the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music and was a guest artist at the Golden Mountain Chamber Music Festival in the Czech Republic.

Jerry Jasinski, professor of chemistry, and collaborators from the department of chemistry at the University of Ioannina in Greece, presented a paper on “Synthesis and Characterization of Organotin Compounds With N-(2,6-dimethyl) Anthranilic Acid” at the 20th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry in Corfu, Greece, in July. Jerry also co-authored “Structure of bis(2-acetyl-pyridine 3-hexamethyhl-eneiminylthiosemicarbazonato) palladium II, a potential antitumor complex,” which will be published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry.

Librarians Judith M. Hildebrandt and Peggie Partello have written a chapter in the recently released A Guide to the Management of Curriculum Materials Centers for the 21st Century: The Promise and the Challenge, published by the Association of College and Research Libraries, 2001. Their chapter is titled Paying the Piper and Retaining a Tune Worth Dancing To: Balancing Funding Sources and the Collection Development Process.

Maura Glennon, assistant professor of music, was invited to perform in several concerts in the Czech Republic in June. She was soloist with the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra in Beethoven’s Triple Concerto and presented a concert of piano trios at Bertramka, the Mozart Museum in Prague.

**Robin Dizard,_ associate professor of English, presented her paper What If We Are What We Eat?: Christina Stead’s Dinner Party at the biennial meeting of the British Australian Studies Association (BASA) at the University of Surrey in Guildford, England, in September.

Susan Herman, professor of management, has contributed a chapter, Triangulation in Action: Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods to Research Environmental Leadership, to the recently published book Grounding Leadership Theory and Research, Issues, Perspectives and Methods, Volume 1 of Research in Leadership Horizons.

Beverly J. Ferrucci, professor of mathematics, presented a keynote address, A Content Analysis of Knowledge-Based Web Sites of Prospective Elementary School Mathematics Teachers at The Ninth Southeast Asian Conference on Mathematics Education in Singapore this summer. She also presented Motivational Activities to Enrich Logical Thinking in Primary Schools at Singapore’s National Institute of Education and addressed the Sixth International Congress of Applied Psychology with her presentation Mathematical Modeling and Psychometrics: Making Connections at the Suntec Centre, also in Singapore. Prior to returning to the United States, she spoke at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Canadian Regional Conference in Montreal, where she presented the workshop “Using Connections to Nurture Algebraic Reasoning in the Middle School Classroom.”

Corinn Columpar, instructor in film studies and womens studies, had her article The Gaze as Theoretical Touchstone: the intersection of film theory, feminist theory, and postcolonial theory published in the spring/summer 2002 issue of Womens Studies Quarterly.

Mark Timney, assistant professor of journalism, has contracted with McGraw-Hill Higher Education to produce five videos on the mass media. The series, tentatively titled Inside the Mass Media, will inform students about how modern mass media outlets operate, job opportunities in the media, and the challenges the media face in the digital age.

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