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USNH Board of Trustees Newsletter



The USNH Board of Trustees

November 14, 2001

USNH Goals…On Thursday, November 8, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees adopted a set of far-reaching goals for the 2001-02 academic year.

These goals have been under review by the board since Chancellor Stephen Reno first proposed them in May. After receiving input from the board, Reno than presented a revised set of goals at the boards October meeting held at Plymouth State College.

Goal 1

Increase participation in public higher education….

  • Make available to prospective transfer students information with regard to options for transition from the NHCTSC to USNH.

  • In partnership with the NHCTSC, develop additional collaborative programs, including 2 + 2 and dual enrollment options.

  • Strengthen efforts to achieve greater diversity (in the fullest sense of the term) in the recruitment and retention of students, faculty, and staff through a sharing of “best practices” across the USNH institutions.

  • Review the enrollment management plans of USNH institutions to ensure consonance with the USNH Mission.

  • Review policies and practices with regard to athletics to ensure consonance with the USNH Mission, with NCAA regulations, and with applicable federal policies.

  • Secure additional public and private funds to support student scholarship program.

Goal 2:

USNH will be an effective partner in New Hampshire workforce and economic development.

  • Explore options to increase supply and quality of teachers for the K-12 system.

  • Explore options to increase the supply of well-prepared graduates in discipline areas key to the New Hampshire “knowledge economy.”

Goal 3:

Deploy technology better to support the USNH mission of teaching and service.

  • Complete the implementation of the Long Range Technology Plan version 2.2

  • Complete the assessment of distributed learning capacity and opportunities and identify strategic investment areas.

Goal 4:

Review and Improve (as appropriate) the governance and management functions.

  • Meet statutory obligation to present regular reports to the Legislative Capital Projects Committee with regard to KEEP-New Hampshire projects.

  • Complete the Total Compensation Study and develop appropriate policies and procedures.

  • Develop and pursue a long-term legislative strategy to improve the level of state funding of its operating budget.

Overall, the goals outline an ambitious effort of the University System to form effective partnerships across legislative, business, and community sectors to ensure the quality of New Hampshire public higher education and to make it more accessible and affordable, said Chancellor Reno.

The board is driven by a concern to improve the accessibility, affordability, diversity and quality of our institutions so that we may better serve our students. The goals that we have adopted provide the framework for success in these areas, added Board Chairman John Lynch.

New Fax Numbers…Effective Friday, November 16, the fax numbers will change at the USNH offices. The current fax number (868-3021) at the Dunlap Center will become 862-0908. The current fax number (868-2756) at the Myers Center will become 862-0909. This is part of the plan to change all extensions to the new “862” series and lower rates for USNH.

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