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KSC Meets 2001 Incoming Students Goal

KEENE, N.H. 10/1/01 Enrollment figures for the fall at Keene State College reflect both a continuing stability in student numbers and the meeting of College goals, say KSC officials.

Total enrollment, including undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students, went up by 61 students over fall 2000 to 4,861. Over the past 12 years the Colleges total enrollment has consistently ranged between 4,560 and 4,960 students, according to Stanley J. Yarosewick, president of KSC. The College has been able to build a stable enrollment that makes maximum use of our resources, says Dr. Yarosewick, by maintaining a constant number of 1,200 new students each fall.

Anticipating 1,200 new students, administrators were pleased with the final tally of 1,189, as they were with the figure of 1,219 in 2000. This is the third consecutive year that KSC has met its new student enrollment goal, says Jay Kahn, vice president for finance and planning.

The composition of the total enrollment has also changed, says Kahn, with more students taking full-time course loads and more students staying from year to year. As a result, the Colleges full-time equivalent enrollment is at its highest level, he says.

In recent years, the College has focused many of its efforts on trying to retain first-year students, says Robert Golden, vice president for academic affairs. By stabilizing the number of incoming first-year students, he says, weve been able give them the classes that they need and make better use of our resources.

Factoring in the availability of housing and other student services, our enrollment is exactly where we want it to be, says Corinne Kowpak, vice president for student affairs. Over the past two years, says Kowpak, the number of students living on campus has increased by 150, with most being returning students. This year, about 93 percent of the first-year class opted for on-campus housing, which, explains Kowpak, also enhances their chance of academic success.

To house approximately 2,100 students, a record number, the College converted several hall lounges into bedrooms and changed some rooms from doubles to triples, says Kowpak. The new Pondside II apartment complex, currently under construction and due to be completed next fall, will provide an extra 120 beds.

The official enrollment figures are used by the College for government reports, college rankings, budget calculations, and planning purposes.

For more information, contact:

Jay Kahn, vice president for finance and planning at 603-358-2114

Bob Golden, vice president for academic affairs, at 603-359-2106

Corinne Kowpak, vice president for student affairs, at 603-358-2108

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