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Area Companies Contribute to Facilities in New Science Center

KEENE, N.H. 8/25/04 - Area companies have made significant contributions to Keene State College for its new Science Center.

Gifts from Banknorth, the Kingsbury Fund, Engelberth Construction, and the Samuel P. Hunt Foundation will support four laboratories in Keene State College’s new Science Center, now under construction.

The Savings Bank of Walpole has also made a substantial gift to the College’s campaign to raise $4 million for the facility.

The Banknorth gift of $50,000 will contribute to the physical chemistry teaching lab, which will be used by faculty and students to study the properties of gases, liquids, solids, and solutions.

The Samuel P. Hunt gift of $40,000 will contribute to the molecular biology/biochemistry/physiology project lab, which will be used by faculty and students to study gene expression of environmentally stressed aquatic invertebrates and other projects.

The Engleberth Construction gift of $50,000 will contribute to the physics teaching lab, which is designed for computer-intensive introductory physics classes. The Savings Bank of Walpole gift of $15,000 will support five faculty offices in the departments of biology, chemistry, environmental studies, geography, geology, and physics.

The Kingsbury Fund gift of $50,000 will support the computer IBM iSeries lab, a 20-station room that will provide students with access to PC and Macintosh computers. The new lab will also support Keene State’s IBM Partners in Education program, a collaboration between the College and area businesses to use computers and software for education and workforce training.

“The Kingsbury Fund has a long history of support to Keene State College capital fund raising programs, which have enhanced the quality of life in our community,” said the Fund’s Board of Trustees in a statement. “The creation of a world class science center at Keene State College is essential to support technology development in our region and central to the development of educators who will be charged with teaching technologists of the future to effectively compete on a global basis. The Kingsbury Fund and its Trustees are proud and honored to be part of this vital project.”

KSC President Stanley J. Yarosewick thanked the companies and foundations for their financial support. “The support of these organizations is crucial to the success of our science program and our students,” said Yarosewick. “I extend our sincere thanks to these community partners and acknowledge their vision and leadership in investing in the future of science in the Monadnock region.”

The Keene State College Science Center is a project of KEEP-NH, the Knowledge Economy Education Plan, an initiative by the University System of New Hampshire and the N.H. Legislature to upgrade science and technology facilities on USNH campuses. The state commitment is $19 million of the $23-million cost. To date, the fundraising campaign, named Windows into Science, Portals to the World, has raised about $3.35 million of its $4-million goal. For more information on the Science Center, visit

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