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Emily Drouin
July 11, 2018 –

By day, she’s a mild-mannered ophthalmic assistant; by night she’s a creator of superheroes. Emily (Watts) Drouin ’04, a graphic design major at Keene State, is all about promoting art education and literacy through comics. A resident of Raymond, New Hampshire, she attended her first comic con (short for “convention”)...

Appian Way gateway
July 10, 2018 –

As higher education institutions continue to innovate in order to meet the needs of students, communities and the skills and talent demands of our regional economy, three New Hampshire institutions that serve the Monadnock region are developing an exciting new collaboration. This partnership brings great promise to strengthen high quality...

Victoria Cimino '00
July 3, 2018 –

“While it’s a fun topic, it’s very serious business for the State of New Hampshire,” says Victoria Cimino ’00 of travel and tourism, an industry she’s in the business of promoting.

As director of the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development, Cimino, with her staff, is responsible for...

Dave Callender '02, aka Santa Claus
July 3, 2018 –

Dave Callender ’02 has the Christmas spirit all year round, so much so that he recently arrived at Keene State’s Alumni Center with jingle bells on, illustrating just how much fun he has as a professional Santa Claus.

A resident of Surry, New Hampshire, Callender was freshly returned from Denver...

Jeff Friedman
July 3, 2018 –

Jeff Friedman, an acclaimed poet and a lecturer in creative writing at Keene State, is author of seven collections – and is known for the humor in his work. He calls himself a “poet, fabulist, and storyteller”; the poet Gerald Stern calls him “a great liar and an even greater...

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