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Hootie's Fall Sports Welcome
June 21, 2018 –

We’ve pulled together some things that should make students’ to-do lists while at Keene State. There is so much to experience during four years of learning and living at Keene State, so students, alumni, and parents, take a look and share your moments on social media with us using the...

Nick Yialiades
June 19, 2018 –

Meet Nick Yialiades , a rising senior at Keene State, who is already achieving his goal of sharing his passion for his two favorite subjects with young students. Nick, who is pursuing dual certification in secondary English and social studies, finished out the academic year as a long-term substitute for...

Cynthia Hays
June 19, 2018 –

A professor whose research lies at the intersection of population genetics and marine ecology has earned Keene State College’s 2018 Faculty Distinction in Research and Scholarship Award.

Dr. Cynthia Hays , associate professor of biology, and her student researchers are looking into the ways that marine macrophytes (seagrasses and seaweeds)...

International Showing at Summer Institute for Genocide Studies and Prevention
June 15, 2018 –

The second biennial Summer Institute for Genocide Studies and Prevention took place at Keene State College from June 4-8, 2018. The program drew over 70 applicants and, from those, 19 faculty from around the world were invited to attend, representing 10 states and six countries. The Summer Institute strengthens Keene...

Patrick Dolenc speech
June 14, 2018 –

Dr. Patrick Dolenc , an economics professor who is noted for excellence in teaching and for engaging his students in active citizenship, has received Keene State College’s 2018 Faculty Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Dolenc is responsible for bringing to Keene State the American Democracy Project, a national initiative focused on...

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