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Granite Guarantee
January 16, 2018 –

Keene State College is offering the Granite Guarantee at Keene State—Our Pledge to You to make college more affordable, and further deliver on the College’s mission of access to quality higher education.

Through the financial aid program, the College will pay the full tuition for New Hampshire students who are...

Pat Zemianek with granddaughter Emmalene
January 8, 2018 –

“The first time I ran a race it was a struggle to finish,” says Pat Zemianek ’63 . “I hadn’t trained.” That was shortly after her husband, Steve Zemianek ’63, died unexpectedly in 2000. In honor of Steve, a much beloved high school English teacher and coach for track and...

Jessica Satrape
January 8, 2018 –

Jessica Lewis Satrape ’97 remembers the first childbirth she witnessed. The mother labored hard, breathing into her contractions for hours. A nurse listened to the baby’s heartbeat every 15 minutes or so. Meanwhile, the midwife simply sat in a rocking chair and rocked. “I remember just being amazed,” says Satrape...

Elliot Hall
January 8, 2018 –

Of the thousands and thousands of people who have thrived, learned amazing things, found love and happiness, expanded their horizons, and grown in so many other ways at Keene State, did you know that several of those over the age of 45 were born on campus, too? They took their...

Moranda Lanigan & Casey Sault
December 20, 2017 –

What’s a penguin’s favorite food?


That’s one of the punny jokes that Keene State College education students used to connect with the elementary school kids they tutored in literacy skills during the fall semester.

The jokes serve another purpose, too, says Moranda Lanigan, who worked with a second grader...

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