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Student Organization Listing

Please direct any questions Brandon Carta, Student Center Programs Coordinator.

  1. Academic Organizations
    1. American Choral Directors Association
    2. American Society of Safety Engineers
    3. Art Collective
    4. Athena Nursing Club
    5. Chemistry Lyceum
    6. Computer Science
    7. French Club
    8. Geography Club
    9. Holocaust and Genocide Awareness
    10. Keene State Athletic Trainers Society
    11. Math Club
    12. Music Teachers National Association - MTNA
    13. NAfME
    14. National Science Teachers Association
    15. Physical Education Club
    16. Pre-Medical Club
    17. Public Health Club
    18. Society of Manufacturing Engineers
    19. Society of Physics Students
    20. The Society of Architecture Students of Keene State College
  2. Club Sports
    1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    2. KSC Dance Team
    3. Environmental Outing Club
    4. Men’s Soccer
    5. Men’s Rugby
    6. Women’s Rugby
    7. Men’s Ice Hockey
    8. Women’s Ice Hockey
    9. Ski & Snowboard Club
    10. Ultimate Frisbee
    11. Yoga Club
  3. Fraternities and Sororities
    1. Alpha Sigma Phi - Fraternity
    2. Phi Lambda Chi - Fraternity
    3. Sigma Pi - Fraternity
    4. Tau Kappa Epsilon - Fraternity
    5. Delta Phi Epsilon - Sorority
    6. Delta Xi Phi - Sorority
    7. Phi Sigma Sigma - Sorority
    8. Panhellenic Council
    9. Inter-Fraternity Council
    10. Order of Omega - Greek Honor Society
  4. Honor Societies
  5. Media-Based Organizations
    1. Bricowlage Student Journal
    2. Design & New Media
    3. Equinox (Student Newspaper)
    4. Film Society
    5. KSMP- Keene State Media Productions
    6. Kronicle
    7. WKNH
  6. Student Service Organizations
    1. The Community Service Club
  7. Special Interest Groups
    1. 3 Ways Til Sunday
    2. Active Minds
    3. Campus Ecology
    4. Chock Full O’ Notes
    5. Common Ground
    6. CRU
    7. Fair Trade Club
    8. Feminist Collective
    9. Fishing Club
    10. G2: Gamers Guild
    11. Global Culture Club
    12. Group Theatre
    13. Humans vs. Zombies
    14. Keene State Investment Group
    15. KSC Democrats
    16. KSC Pride
    17. KSC Republicans
    18. Owl Nation
    19. Owl Sign Language Club (O.S.L.)
    20. Social Activities Council
    21. Student Nutrition Association
  8. Student Government & Classes
    1. Class of 2024
    2. Class of 2023
    3. Class of 2022
    4. Class of 2021
    5. Student Assembly

Academic Organizations

American Choral Directors Association

President: Grant Desmarais
Advisor: Sandra Howard

American Society of Safety Engineers


Art Collective

President: Keegan O’Brien
Advisor: Emily Lambert

Athena Nursing Club

President: Madison McCeever
Advisor: Sharon Breidt

Chemistry Lyceum


Computer Science


French Club

President: Molly Ryan
Advisor: Peter Graboski

Geography Club


Holocaust and Genocide Awareness

President: Drew Coel
Advisor: Dana Smith

Keene State Athletic Trainers Society


Math Club

President: Lydia Ahlstrom
Advisor: Vince Ferlini

Music Teachers National Association - MTNA

President: Claire Fifield
Advisor: Christina Wright-Ivanova


President: Madison Gubata
Advisor: John Hart

National Science Teachers Association

President: Kyle Burbank
Advisor: Jacob Pleasants

Physical Education Club

President: Brandon Castor
Advisor: Donna Smyth

Pre-Medical Club


Public Health Club

President: Emma Manderville
Advisor: Tiffany Mathews

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

President: James Kerwin
Advisor: Warren Hurd

Society of Physics Students


The Society of Architecture Students of Keene State College


Club Sports

The purpose of the Club Sports Program is to provide students an opportunity to participate in an organized team or individual sport program and to enhance their skills in a particular sport.

For more information on Club Sports opportunities, please contact Lynne Andrews, Director of Recreational Sports.

The following clubs are currently receiving administrative support from the Rec Sports Department:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

President: Nicholas Harms
Advisor: Ashley Greene

KSC Dance Team

President: Kimberly Kalis
Advisor: Cheryl Martin

Environmental Outing Club

President: Abigail Touchet; Zach Stephenson
Advisor: Chris Brehme

Men’s Soccer


Men’s Rugby

Advisor: John Johannesen

Women’s Rugby

President: Megan Rogers
Advisor: Lynne Andrews

Men’s Ice Hockey

President: Joseph Silva
Advisor: Bert Poirier

Women’s Ice Hockey

President: Madison Dowling
Advisor: Mark Gempler

Ski & Snowboard Club


Ultimate Frisbee

President: Jiana Lotito
Advisor: Diana Duffy

Yoga Club

Advisor: Jeanelle Boyer

Fraternities and Sororities

Being a member of a social Greek-letter organization at KSC helps students to connect to campus, meet new people, be a part of campus traditions, and explore various leadership opportunities. Keene State College is currently home to 8 inter/nationally recognized social Greek-letter organizations (3 sororities and 4 fraternities), two governing bodies (the Inter-Fraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council), and one honor society (the Upsilon Zeta chapter of the Order of Omega). The fraternity and sorority community is lead by the values of Academic Success, Accountability, Service, Leadership Development, and Fellowship. To learn more about our community, click here.

Alpha Sigma Phi - Fraternity


Phi Lambda Chi - Fraternity

President: Liam McNamara
Advisor: Michael Gomez

Sigma Pi - Fraternity

Advisor: Patrick Hearn

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Fraternity

Advisor: Shari Bemis

Delta Phi Epsilon - Sorority

President: Marnie Anair
Advisor: Jayme Hines

Delta Xi Phi - Sorority

President: Elissa Parker
Advisor: Liz Cahoon

Phi Sigma Sigma - Sorority

President: Arianna White
Advisor: Lynn Andrews

Panhellenic Council

President: Samantha Dickinson
Advisor: Brandon Carta

Inter-Fraternity Council

President: Alexander Castro
Advisor: Brandon Carta

Order of Omega - Greek Honor Society

President: Drew Coel
Advisor: Brandon Carta

Honor Societies

Honor Societies at Keene State College provide talented students the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to academic excellence in a chosen discipline or field of study.

For more information about Honor Societies, please contact Kim Schmidl-Gagne, Program Manager for Diversity and Multiculturalism Initiatives.

Media-Based Organizations

Bricowlage Student Journal

President: Julia Messinger
Advisor: Katherine Tirabassi

Design & New Media


Equinox (Student Newspaper)

President: Puja Thapa
Advisor: Julio DelSesto, Rodger Martin

Film Society

President: Connor Adams
Advisor: Irena Liembacher

KSMP- Keene State Media Productions

President: Van Wile
Advisor: Tom Cook


Advisor: Julio DelDesto


President: Emma Connelly; Colette Rinker
Advisor: Diana Duffy

Student Service Organizations

For additional information regarding Student Service Organizations please visit

The Community Service Club

Advisor: Jessica Gagne-Cloutier

Special Interest Groups

3 Ways Til Sunday


Active Minds


Campus Ecology


Chock Full O’ Notes

President: Alexandra Magee
Advisor: Daniel Carberg

Common Ground

President: Jennifer Mejia
Advisor: Kya Roumimper


President: Samuel Henry
Advisor: John Finneran

Fair Trade Club


Feminist Collective


Fishing Club

President: Ryan Murphy
Advisor: Steve Kessler

G2: Gamers Guild

President: Trevor Weimann
Advisor: Dana Gibson

Global Culture Club

President: Jacqueline Pantano
Advisor: Steven Spiegel

Group Theatre


Humans vs. Zombies


Keene State Investment Group


KSC Democrats

President: Davis Bernstein
Advisor: William Bendix

KSC Pride

President: Gretchen Moore
Advisor: Hunter Kirschner

KSC Republicans

President: Lydia Mardin
Advisor: Wes Martin

Owl Nation

President: Alexis Smith
Advisor: Casey Justice

Owl Sign Language Club (O.S.L.)

President: Angelique Inchierca
Advisor: Beth Zinn

Social Activities Council

President: Ian McNeil
Advisor: Brandon Carta

Student Nutrition Association

President: Ryann Williams
Advisor: Lisa Prospert

Student Government & Classes

Student Government Advisor: Jennifer Ferrell (Interim)

Class of 2024

President: Charlotte Lahey
Advisors: Jennifer Ferrell (Interim)

Class of 2023

President: Abby Cohen
Advisors: Kevin Justice

Class of 2022

President: Jenna Dusseault
Advisors: Michelle Kuiawa

Class of 2021

President: Adriana Daniel
Advisors: Peggy Richmond, Casey Justice

Student Assembly

Student Body President: Davis Bernstein
Advisor: Jennifer Ferrell (Interim)

Please Note: Reasonable accommodations enable qualified students with disabilities to have equal opportunities by adjusting or modifying courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, or facilities. If you require accommodations in order to participate in After Hours events, please contact Brandon Carta.

Contact Student Involvement

Office of Student Involvement
☎ 603-358-2662