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Trip Descriptions

Alternative Breaks are 3-10 day service-based immersions into different cultural, environmental, and socioeconomic communities domestically and abroad. Teams take part in service projects that address unmet community needs, gain awareness of critical social issues, enhance their individual growth, and prepare for lives of active citizenship. All alternative break trips are drug and alcohol free.

Prices listed below are all inclusive and include: flights and/or ground transportation, lodging, 3 meals per day, project supplies and fees and a program t-shirt.

Youth Development Weekends November 9-11, 2018 & March 29-31, 2019 $75 all inclusive

Get your play clothes ready! Participants on this trip will live and serve at a residential home for children from Friday afternoon-Sunday afternoon. You’ll plan a weekend’s worth of fun for the kids that supports the organizations values: perseverance, nurturance, hope, compassion, and sense of worth. The final itinerary will be planned by your team prior to departure, but could include anything from arts and crafts, to dance, to outdoor recreation, to cooking.

Activity level: low to moderate. Expect long days, but all activities can be adapted to meet the needs of team members. •Beds •Driving •Vegetarian friendly, please ask about other dietary needs

Disaster Recovery December 15-22, 2018 $900 for students, all inclusive $1450 for staff/faculty/alumni, all inclusive This trip is open to current students, faculty, staff and alumni!

Natural disasters can result in long-term physical, economic and emotional impacts for impacted communities. Spend a week working alongside experts and community members to revitalize, rebuild, and strengthen neighborhoods and habitats affected by recent hurricanes. No experience is necessary, but participants can’t be afraid to get dirty, and must be willing to perform hands-on work that could include tree planting, trail and coastal restoration, home repairs, and more. The days are long, but expect to be completely immersed in the local culture through food, music, and recreational activities.

Activity level: high. Expect standing for long periods, lifting, and bending in 80 degree temperatures. •Bunk beds •No hot showers •Flying •US Territory •Friendly for all dietary needs •Applicants must complete an interview to be considered for this trip

Compassionate Farming January 2-9, 2019 $325 all inclusive

Learn and reflect during a week on a slaughter-free dairy farm rooted in the principles of compassion, environmental justice, and animal welfare. Milk cows, log firewood, work with trained oxen, prepare meals with kitchen staff, and care for the grounds in between workshops on topics from communication to orienteering to vegan cooking. Oh, we should also mention there’s a daily yoga class! Activity level: moderate to high. Expect walking, standing, and bending indoors and out. •Co-ed cabins with bunk beds •Driving •Rural •Largely vegetarian and vegan meals provided •Expect direct contact with farm animals

Pediatric Healthcare January 5-13th 2019 $600 all inclusive

For hospitalized children, time spent having fun can be rare. Spend a week bringing joy to young patients through activities such as baking cookies, crafting, playing games, holding babies, story- telling, and more. Whether the result of a little bump or a life-threatening illness, you’ll see how hospitalization affects everyone—patients, families, doctors and nurses. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to play, laugh, and learn.

Activity level: moderate. Expect daily walking, sitting and bending.

•Bunk Beds •Driving (2 days each way) •Urban •Friendly for all dietary needs •Requires TB skin test, flu shot, vaccination record, and 3 letters of recommendation •Applicants must complete an interview to be considered for this trip

Sustainability March 9-17th 2019 $600 all inclusive

The average American generates about 4.5 pounds of trash every day and about 1.5 tons of solid waste per year! The amount of plastic we throw away each year is approximately 185 pounds per person, which collectively is enough to completely circle the Earth FOUR times. On this service trip, you will spend a week at a growing eco village, with residents who have chosen to integrate their lifestyle with the natural world in a way that promotes wellness and sustainability for the indefinite future. Participants can expect to serve the community in food and medicine gardens, building and maintaining structures, making bio-char, and beautifying shared spaces. Participants will have the chance to share meals and inspirational stories with residents, as well as tour sustainable living options like straw bale homes and tiny houses. There may even be a chance to directly interact with farm animals!

Activity level: heavy. Expect lots of walking, lifting, standing and bending. •Co-ed floor space in a shared home •Driving •Rural •Vegetarian and vegan friendly, please ask about other dietary needs •Applicants must complete an interview to be considered for this trip

Animal Rights March 9-17th 2019 $400 all inclusive

Did you know there are more tigers in captivity than in the wild? Participants on the animal rights trip will learn about animal exploitation, illegal wildlife trade, and local and state laws regarding exotic animal ownership. Spend a week at a domestic wild cat sanctuary building and restoring enclosures, maintaining grounds, and keeping up with maintenance projects. Don’t expect to come in direct contact with the cats, but you’ll see and hear them every day!

Activity level: high. Expect lots of walking, standing, lifting, and bending in all weather.

•Air mattresses, sleeping pads •Driving •Rural •Friendly for all dietary needs

Human Rights March 9-17th, 2019 $650 all inclusive

Imagine taking a trip around the world in just a few blocks–that’s what this trip’s host community has to offer. Service will relate to human rights, education, and welcoming new Americans in a town where more than 60 languages are spoken. Our partner has tons of experience working with colleges and alternative breaks; their goal is to catapult each volunteer into a lifetime of purpose with an itinerary that combines service, unique educational components and a ton of fun. Get ready for a life-changing week!

•Air mattresses, sleeping pads •Driving •Suburban •Friendly for all dietary needs

Healthy Coastlines May 18-25, 2019 $550 all inclusive

More than 5 trillion pieces of plastic trash are currently floating in our oceans, but that’s just one challenge threatening humans, animals, and coastlines in our host community. Participants on the healthy coastlines trip will support vibrant fisheries, natural and productive shorelines, a coast free of marine debris, and a strong coastal economy. Service may include planting native vegetation, building reefs with oyster shells, maintaining rain gardens, storm water projects, and coastline clean ups. You’ll see first-hand how ocean plastics impact sea turtles, explore barrier islands, and witness some of the best sunsets on the East Coast.

Activity level: moderate. Expect walking, lifting, standing and bending in sand and wetlands. •Beds •Driving •Rural •Friendly for all dietary needs •Applicants must complete an interview to be considered for this trip

AIDS Activism June 23- July 1, 2019 $750 all inclusive This trip is open to current students, faculty, staff and alumni!

Anyone can get HIV—regardless of age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, income level, or ethnicity—but not everyone faces the same risk. And while progress has been made in preventing and treating HIV, nearly 40,000 Americans were newly diagnosed in 2016. This trip’ s community partner has 30+ years of experience supporting the LGBTQ+ community and all affected by HIV/AIDS. Participants can expect to assemble safer sex kits, support administrative efforts, serve meals, and connect with individuals through prevention programs. Additionally, participants will learn about the history of the Gay Rights movement, and take part in Pride events that educate and celebrate diverse community.

Activity level: moderate. Expect some walking to and from service sites and public transit

•Bunk beds in a co-ed room •Bus; public transit •Urban •Friendly for all dietary needs

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