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Spring & Summer 2022 Trip Descriptions

Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition

Cincinnati, Ohio
May 15-21, 2022
Trip Cost: $450
The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition brings together more than 60 organizations, individual members and supporters to work toward the goal of eradicating poverty and homelessness in Cincinnati. Participants on this trip will experience meaningful social justice education and direct service with the Coalition, and learn how to be active in the fight to end homelessness. Participants can expect to learn about issues including economic disparity, gentrification, hostile design and the importance of political advocacy through walking tours, speaker’s stories and interactive reflections. Direct service will include serving meals at Coalition partner sites and working on facility improvements at Coalition Headquarters. Learn more about the Cincinnati Homeless Coalition HERE.

Tentative Schedule
Day 1: Travel to Cincinnati Day 2: Orientation
Day 3: Education and Service
Day 4: Education and Service
Day 5: Education and Service
Day 6: Education and Service
Day 7: Free Day to Explore Cincinnati Day 8: Travel to Keene

Activity level: Moderate to high. Expect walking and standing throughout the day.

Gita Nagari Eco Farm and Sanctuary

Port Royal, Pennsylvania
March 13-19, 2022
Estimated Trip Cost: $400
Gita Nagari’s eco-farm and sanctuary is an innovative model for both planetary and personal sustainability. Operated by a diverse team of volunteers whose vision is to accelerate global transformation through compassionate living, Gita Nagari is the only farm USDA certified whose slaughter-free practices exceed the average lifespan of cows (+18 years). Participants on this trip will live the principles of compassion, environmental justice, and animal welfare while caring for and cuddling cows, logging firewood, preparing meals with kitchen staff, and preparing for the growing season. In between direct service activities, participants can expect workshops on topics from communication to orienteering to yoga and vegan cooking. Participants on this trip must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to Gita Nagari. Learn more about Gita Nagari Eco Farm and Sanctuary HERE.

Tentative Schedule
March 13: Travel to Port Royal March 14: Orientation
March 15: Education and Service
March 16: Education and Service
March 17: Education and Service
March 18: Education and Service
March 19: Free Day to Explore Port Royal March 20: Travel to Keene

Activity level: Moderate to high. Expect walking, bending and standing throughout the day.

Summer Trip Information Coming Soon!

Alternative Break is open to all KSC students in good academic and judicial standing with the college. All trips include round-trip ground transportation, meals, lodging and service fees. Trips are non-refundable.

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