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Wisdom to make a difference.

Most colleges prepare students to move up in the world.

Not this one.

At Keene State College, we dare our students to change the world.

Watch our students talk about their experiences.

Architecture: Stefan Cavezzali

It’s really about collaboration; understanding what other people are doing and maybe applying that to what you’re doing….time flies when you’re enjoying your major.
-Stefan Cavezzali, Architecture major

Architecture: Michael Helmer

The faculty here realize the potential of a student …. they focus in on individuals and push you to what they know you can do, even if you don’t know you can do that yet.

  • Michael Helmer, Architecture major

Biology: Deena Snoke

The research that I’ve done here and the research I’ll do in the future can really help make a contribution to how medicine exists and how the world exists. I feel like I can make a difference.

  • Deena Snoke, Biology major

Economics: Jonathan Snider

The classes are hard, and you have to work hard to get through. It’s the work ethic that’s going to separate you from other people.

  • Jonathan Snider, Economics major

Education: Becca Lazinsk

We love what we do, and we just want the opportunity to show it.

  • Becca Lazinsk, Secondary Education major

Elementary Education: Kim Aalberg

My advisor, Dr. Hucks, makes an effort to meet his students where they’re at and support them in anything they need. He’s very approachable and spends the majority of his time on campus to try and connect with students.

  • Kim Aalberg, Elementary Education major

Elementary Education: Alexandra Petrilli

The faculty members who have influenced me the most were my Methods I teachers, Professor Lapierre and Professor Cuper. Methods I is your first experience in the classroom, and they were both so kind and welcoming and willing to help, especially because you’re probably the most nervous person in the classroom.

  • Alexandra Petrilli, Elementary Education major

English: Katherine Wadleigh

Keene State’s community is very diverse and authentic. You’re able to find someone who is exactly like you, but also someone who is completely different from you, and still find community in that. I’ve been able to grow more as a person because of the type of community that’s at Keene.

  • Katherine Wadleigh, English major

History: Laura Ruttle

I’ve always really liked history … I can’t see where I’d be now if I hadn’t chosen this. It just seems to fit so well.

  • Laura Ruttle, History major

Holocaust & Genocide Studies: Bridget Love

I started off at Keene State undecided and thought that I was going to be a Psychology major … during sophomore year I took Dr. Waller’s "Intro to Genocide" class, which made me more aware of all the other genocides that have happened before and after the Holocaust … it just wrapped me in. There’s a lot of different paths you can go on with this major … the undergraduate Holocaust and Genocide Studies program here is the only one in the country.

  • Bridget Love, Holocaust and Genocide Studies major

Journalism: Whitney Cyr

I’m currently in a class that’s specifically about building my resume. I’m not just learning how to write a story, I’m also learning how to take and edit photography and video, and also to refine my stories, so I will be more marketable when I leave Keene State. I’ll be able to offer my employer a wide range of talents and skills I can use.

  • Whitney Cyr, Journalism major

Journalism: Dylan Morrill

… part of the beauty of college and the Journalism department here is that you can find your niche … I have time to figure out what to do and I have an experienced faculty as advisors to help me.

  • Dylan Morrill, Journalism major

Management: Chelsea Clouse

I believe that with the business track that I’m on I’ll be able to get a job when I leave school, and when I go to Grad School it will put me in a better place. I think that Keene has set me up with the capability to do so.

  • Chelsea Clouse, Management major

Political Science: Allie Bedell

I chose Keene State College because it has a great Political Science and Journalism program … in addition to that is has a great liberal arts community, one that values service. I very much like that Keene State has more than adequately prepared me for what I want to do after I graduate.

  • Allie Bedell, Political Science major

Psychology: Katelyn Williams

I currently have Professor Jennings, and her love and passion for the topic of the brain, how it works and interacts, makes a course that would normally be boring really interesting. You don’t have to be afraid to ask questions or to go see a professor during office hours outside of class. The professors genuinely like their topic; they want you to succeed.
– Katelyn Williams, Psychology major

Safety Studies: Matt Norton

What this program will offer you is job security, placement, connections to the outside workforce. The Keene State Safety Program offers diverse amounts of knowledge that encompasses all aspects of safety … you can go anywhere with this degree.

  • Matt Norton, Safety Studies major

Safety Studies: Liz Velky

Occupational Safety and Health focuses on helping people and also offers many job opportunities. I could go into the private sector or into government, I could travel, I could pretty much do whatever I wanted.

  • Liz Velky, Safety Studies major

Sociology: Courtney Savoie

<[Professor Siebert] had us involved in so many projects. We were working directly with the homeless in Keene. We worked with them throughout the statee; I went to Claremont and did Bureau of Homelessness and Housing interviews - we were really making a difference in that class.

  • Courtney Savoie, Sociology major