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Summer 2018: The Fun & Games Issue

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The Summer 2018 issue of Keene State Today takes a look at the lighter side. We talk with alumni, students, and faculty members about their pursuits that fall into the categories of fun and games.

Some are serious (like making sure the NBC Sports crews are safe from danger at the Olympic Games), some are silly (like acting with a student improvisational theatre troupe), and some are pure pleasure (like writing and reading romance novels). Sit back, relax, and have fun!

The First-Person Project highlights three Keene State graduates who live and work in New England. Look for them in the back of the magazine and at

In Love with Writing About Love

If you like romance novels – whether it’s reading them or writing them – check out the story on page 2 of the Summer 2018 Keene State Today and learn about Curt Herr, a 1986 grad who moonlights as a romance writer, and then take a look at some of these resources:

The Romance Writers of America, an organization for writers of romances and related industry professionals, offers an annual convention, local and online chapters, a speakers’ bureau, and more.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books, pardon the French, is a top romance blog that offers reviews of new releases and articles along with a podcast.

Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies is a good resource if you want to open your laptop and bang out a bodice-ripper but you’re not sure where to start.

The Ripped Bodice: You don’t have to live near Culver City, California to take advantage of this bookstore, which specializes in romance. You’ll find plenty of its offerings available online, organized into categories like “Cowboy Contemporary,” “Medieval/Tudor,” “Dragons,” and “Time Travel.”

Find Curtis Herr’s books online: Frances DeleCourt Winters novels and Daniel Stephens novels.

Rhymes with Humor

Poet Jeff Friedman of Keene State’s English Department reads his poem Bear Fight.

More Than Fun and Games

What do physical education classes look like today? Read the story in the Summer 2018 issue of Keene State Today, then check out this supplementary information:

Physical education curriculum at Keene State centers on two main components – learning how to become a prepared and adept professional teacher, and mastering the content, the core standards from SHAPE America, to create competent movers.

The core tenants of classes taught today include competency in motor skills and movement; understanding concepts, strategies and tactics related to movement; maintaining or achieving health related fitness; social and personal responsibility to respect oneself and others; and recognizing movement has value in enjoyment and self-expression.

Keene State physical education majors have the opportunity to practice their skills as student-teachers at local schools or through the Adapted PE course as a “PE Buddy.”

Tod Silegy ’76, a middle-school PE teacher at South Meadow School in Peterborough, New Hampshire, often works with Keene State PE majors. “The student-teacher brings in ideas and trends, and indirectly teaches me, while gaining tools to use beyond graduation,” he says.


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