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Waiver of Foreign Language Requirement

    The Office of Disability Services has a process for students with well-documented, language-based learning disabilities to be reviewed for waiver of the foreign language requirement that is required of Arts & Humanities majors at Keene State College.

    The eligibility for a waiver is based on review of the documentation submitted by the student. Typically we will need a current psycho-educational or neuropsychological evaluation that clearly indicates a disability that involves significant difficulty with information processing, decoding, memory problems (esp. auditory, short term and working memory), basic reading skills and/or spelling skills.

    For students looking for a waiver of the foreign language requirement based on disability, please do the following:

    1. Submit current documentation directly to the Office of Disability Services with a cover letter indicating you would like to be reviewed specifically for eligibility of waiver of the foreign language requirement.
    2. Wait for a letter from our office that discusses our findings and determines eligibility based on our review (usually within 3 weeks of receipt)

    If found to be eligible, you will need to connect with our office once classes are in session to complete a Waiver of a Requirement Form in order to make it official and recognized by our student record system.

    If you are an accepted student and would like to know if you are eligible for waiver and would like a determination prior to depositing, please complete steps 1 and 2 above at least three weeks prior to the deposit deadline.

    8/10/11 vp

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    Waiver of Foreign Language Requirement
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