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Guidelines for Broadcast Voicemail

Broadcast Voicemail is any phone message sent to recipients campuswide, usually to all faculty and staff, all students, or all voicemail users. Broadcast voicemail is sometimes limited to users in a group of buildings.

Appropriate Subjects for Broadcast Voicemail

  1. Crisis/urgent announcements: natural disaster alerts, mechanical failures, weather closures or delays, crime alerts, health alerts, death of a community member, server maintenance, and computer virus alerts.
  2. Logistics announcements: construction closures; traffic routing; environmental alert notices; and security announcements.
  3. Major news: events such as a Presidential visit; naming of a new KSC president or vice president.

Arranging for Broadcast Voicemail

  1. Consider if your message can be just as effective if sent in a less obtrusive way, such as broadcast e-mail.
  2. If you have an announcement that requires the use of broadcast voicemail, you must submit it to a principal administrator (the president or a vice-president) for approval. If that administrator approves the message, he or she will forward it to College Relations for distribution (mmatros, dorsman, or mfuller). A CRO staff member may contact either the PA or the message initiator to edit the message for brevity and clarity.
  3. A broadcast voicemail message will be sent only once.

Approved by the Cabinet 12/10/01

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