For the safety and health of our community, Keene State has suspended all in-person classes and is offering remote learning for the remainder of the semester. ▸

Student services remain available. For details, check your Keene State email or our COVID-19 website.

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Transcript (Academic Record)

A transcript is a record of all credit or undergraduate non-credit courses a student has registered for, and is updated upon completion of any given semester. Ungraded courses do not appear on the transcript. Current students may access unofficial transcript information via Self-Service in their MyKSC account.

A student requesting a change to his or her academic transcript in an area that, under current policy and procedure, is the student’s responsibility, must initiate the change within four months of the conclusion of the semester or term in question. This limitation does not apply in an area recognized as the responsibility of Keene State College.

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Transcript (Academic Record)
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Last Modified: Mar 26, 2020 –
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