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Social Media Policy

Use of Social Media

Social media is an important tool for positioning and marketing the College. The purpose of social media is to help with amplifying Keene State College’s brand and reputation and to encourage engagement with the College. How social media is used can also have an impact on student recruitment and retention. While social media can be an effective tool through which to engage an external audience, it requires strategy, consistent messaging, and dedicated resources to build, regularly maintain, and measure the results of an effective social media presence.

The following policy is in place to ensure that Keene State College is being represented in a cohesive, strategic way on social media when the College’s name or brand is used.

In order to achieve this goal, the following three departments may use social media individually, in ongoing outreach strategies: Marketing and Communications, Alumni Relations, and Athletics. In accordance with this policy, no new social media accounts on behalf of Keene State offices or departments may be created without consulting Marketing and Communications Department, which will help to evaluate the need for a new social media presence.

The Marketing and Communications Department will partner with academic departments, student support services, athletic teams, and all other departments on campus to help meet their needs by incorporating messages into the College’s social media accounts, which includes reaching students as Keene State’s accounts are designed to reach this audience as well. Partnering with Marketing and Communications will ensure that messaging is reaching audiences effectively and that constituents of Keene State have a comprehensive social media presence to follow rather than needing to follow several accounts. Campus partners are encouraged to collaborate on Keene State College’s existing accounts by sharing news directly with Marketing and Communications so they can consider incorporating your post on the College’s main accounts. Links to the College’s flagship accounts are below:

Snapchat: Keene_State

All existing social media accounts run by departments other than the ones stated above will need to be removed if they are inactive and/or have low engagement with followers as evaluated by Marketing and Communications Department. Marketing and Communications will work with social media channels directly to remove any defunct and inactive accounts that can no longer be accessed due to lost log-in credentials.

Submitting content for consideration on Keene State’s social media accounts:

Be clear about which audience you are trying to reach, and the timing and purpose or goal of your post so that the team can review your request and make recommendations. The Marketing and Communications Department builds a social media calendar at least one week in advance, therefore, one-week advance notice before the date of the post is requested. Please include any visual elements, such as photos or videos that help promote your news. Submit all content for consideration to Marketing and Communications staff by emailing

Student clubs and organizations:

Student clubs and organizations that are recognized by the College and registered with the Office of Student Involvement may create and manage social media accounts to promote their activities. Student club and organization social media accounts may only use the Keene State College name or any variation of it, i.e. “Keene State College,” “Keene State,” or “KSC,” in the account name or handle, if they are a registered organization and abide by the student clubs and organizations social media policy set by the Office of Student Involvement. All student clubs and organizations must register their social media accounts with the coordinator of student activities and organizations. Club/Organization leaders may be asked to take social media training with Marketing and Communications staff.

The use of Keene State College’s logos and visual identity by student clubs and organizations requires approval from the Marketing and Communications team beforehand. Email with your request, including which audience you want to reach, how you wish to use the College’s visual asset(s), and an outline of your goals.

Keene State’s Visual Style Guide with standard fonts, colors, and proper logo usage can be found at Keene State’s logos can be downloaded at

Keene State College’s Social Media Policy & Best Practices

This policy governs social media use by employed members of the Keene State College community on behalf of the College. This includes staff members, faculty, students, College officials, or any other person employed by the College.

The below policies apply to any person managing Keene State College affiliated social media accounts.

Posting on Behalf of Keene State College:

  • Posting content on social media sites on behalf of the College or College departments and offices requires authorization from the account administrator.
  • All social media accounts created on behalf of the College must be linked to a Keene State email account, never a personal email account. More than one College employee must have administrative access to the account.
  • Social media accounts created on behalf of Keene State College are the sole property of the College; creators and administrators have no ownership rights whatsoever.
  • Keene State employees and representatives who post on behalf of Keene State College and its offices and departments must be mindful at all times of protecting the College’s reputation and promoting the College’s educational mission.
  • Social media sites provide forums for thoughtful discussion of opposing ideas; if online conversations become volatile or hostile, employees and representatives of the College must remain respectful, professional, and conscious of the College’s primary role as an educational institution.
  • If a question or comment is directed to one of the College’s social media sites or pages, strive to respond in a timely and appropriate fashion.
  • Keep personal views separate from College posts. When posting on behalf of the College, ensure that the contents of your post will further the College’s mission and reflect positively on your department and the College as a whole.
  • Do not publish any information that you have learned through your job, such as closings, cancellations, emergencies, or other non-public information, until it has been officially announced by the Marketing and Communications Department or other authorized persons. Do not post confidential information about the College, its faculty, staff, or students.
  • In order to prevent Zoombombing, Zoom links and passwords may not be posted on any public website or social media in accordance with the College’s Zoom Best Practices, which can be found at

The below policies apply to any person who is active on social media using their personal accounts. Be clear that you are speaking for yourself and not the college when necessary.

Posting Personal Comments:

  • Representing Keene State. When you are serving as a representative of the College by identifying your affiliation with the College on any site, it’s your opportunity to present information professionally and to ensure your posts are interpreted as intended. Use the following disclaimer to reduce potential for confusion about an official endorsement from Keene State College: “The views expressed here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of Keene State College.”
  • Be confidential. Refrain from reporting, speculating, discussing, or giving any opinions on College topics or personalities that could be considered sensitive, confidential, or disparaging. All employees are subject to FERPA, HIPAA, and other laws mandating the nondisclosure of personal information. Avoid posting about unapproved projects or developing initiatives before the College makes a formal announcement.
  • Protect Keene State’s brand. Do not use Keene State logos, official Owls, the College seal, or any other KSC marks on your personal online sites. In addition, prevent the possibility of Zoombombing by refraining from posting Zoom links and passwords on public websites and social media.

Employees are permitted to use College computers for uses that are in compliance with the Computer and Network Use Policy (CNUP). The complete policy can be viewed at:

College employees are expected to adhere to the social media policy. Should the College’s social media policy not be followed, the employee’s Cabinet officer will be notified and the employee will receive a warning from their supervisor or director. If the employee still does not adhere to the policy after the warning is issued, the account(s) in question will be deactivated immediately.

Due to the evolving nature of social media, the policies are subject to revision.

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