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Scheduling Campus Rooms and Space Procedures

  1. Event Reservations
  2. Posting of Printed Materials, Hanging of Banners, Easel Space, and Table Tents
  3. Table Exhibits, Displays, Sales, and Distribution of Materials

Event Reservations

In an effort to optimize the efficiency of College facilities, offer quality service, and make the use of College space as functional as possible, the following procedures have been developed.

Requests for events in the Student Center, the Spaulding Gymnasium, the Redfern Arts Center, the KSC Camp on Wilson Pond, the Thorne Art Gallery, Centennial Hall, and/or an academic space are to be submitted via the KSC Online Event Scheduling Request Form. Requests must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the event.

Requests for use of space in the Dining Commons can be made by contacting Rick Kraemer, 603-358-2677.

Requests for use of space in the Mason Library can be made by contacting Micki Harrington, 603-358-2782.

Requests for use of space in the Media Arts Center can be made by contacting Cheryl Martin, 603-358-2770.

Rooms book quickly on campus so all are encouraged to sumbmit requests as far in advance of the event as possible. If the KSC Scheduling Office is unable to accomodate the request, they will work with you to find an available space or date that meets the needs of the event. Requests will be processed within 3 business days of receipt and confirmation will be sent via email. If a request is being made for a larger event such as a conference or concert, please contact the KSC Scheduling Office as soon as possible so that they are aware of the pending request.

The KSC Online Event Scheduling Request Form is currently only used to book space. If additional services are needed (audio/visual, catering and/or parking) they can be requested by the following:

  • A/V: Requests can be submitted through the IT Helpdesk website. 48 hours notice is required for all media requests.
  • Catering: Requests are to be made by contacting KSC Catering, 603-358-2677. 10 days notice is required for all catering requests.
  • Parking: Requests for parking whether for 1 or 100 people are to be made through the on-line Event Parking Request form. Once this form is received, a representative from the parking office will e-mail you before the event with printable permits and/or instructions on where to park for the event.

Organizers and sponsors of events using KSC Facilities are responsible for providing reasonable accomodations for individuals with disabilities who request them. PUBLICITY FOR EVENTS MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT: In order to request accomodations for a disability , please contact (Name of event organizer, department, telephone #)at least 14 days prior to the event.

Posting of Printed Materials, Hanging of Banners, Easel Space, and Table Tents

Printed material may be posted only on designated bulletin boards within the Student Center. Nothing may be posted on any other surface. All materials must conform to the Posting Policy as outlined in the Student Handbook. Any violations of this policy will result in sanctions for the person or organization responsible for the posting to disciplinary action and/or fines.

The hanging of banners is permitted in the Student Center. Banner and easel spaces which are managed by the Student Center are available for reservation by student organizations, on-campus offices and departments and organizations by filling out a Banner/Easel/Table Tent Request Form available at the Information Desk. A group may reserve one space for one week (7 continuous days) and that request may be granted an additional week if space is available.

Table tents must be of high quality and must be approved by the Associate Director of the Student Center prior to placement. The table tents are allowed to remain in place for up to seven consecutive days, after which the sponsoring group is responsible for their collection.

Table Exhibits, Displays, Sales, and Distribution of Materials

Tables are available for use in designated public spaces in the Student Center and adjacent outdoor space by on-campus and external organizations. Tables may be reserved through the Scheduling Office, seven days notice is required. All persons using tables must adhere to the tabling regulations found in the Student Handbook and remain within the area designated.

Table spaces are available at no charge to on-campus offices and student organizations for up to 5 consecutive days per week. Additional dates may be granted if space if available. The event sponsor or vendor is responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations of the City of Keene and the State of New Hampshire regarding all items sold.

All material distributed within the Student Center or at adjacent public space must meet the standards specified in the Student Handbook. No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products may be distributed in any common area within or adjacent to the Student Center.

Vendors may contract for the use of vendor/market spaces within the Student Center for a maximum of two days per month. Vendors granted space will be treated as guests of the college and are expected to adhere to all applicable college and Student Center policies and procedures. Failure to comply with any policy may result in forfeiture of all fees paid and/or loss of reservation privileges.

  1. The fee is $100/day. Payment is due 10 working days prior to the event to guarantee the space. Payment is non-refundable and must be made within 10 business days of the event. KSC is not responsible for returned checks due to insufficient funds.
  2. Vendors can schedule two days per month for vendor space. Credit card vendors, whether sponsored by student organizations or not, will be permitted only during a two-day credit card fair each semester (dates to be determined by the Scheduling Office). The hours for use of vendor space are 8 a.m. to 7p.m., which includes setup and breakdown time. Vendor space will be assigned by the Student Center.
  3. The vendor space will provide you with one medium-sized table and one chair. One additional table may be provided by the vendor. There must be absolutely no taping, gluing, tacking or hanging any items from the walls or ceiling for vendor advertising.
  4. The Scheduling Office will send you a copy of your confirmation via email. Vendors must bring a copy of the confirmation with them on the day(s) of the event in order to receive a parking permit.
  5. Vendors must report to the Information Desk in the atrium of the Student Center before setting up.

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