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Residential Life and Disability Housing

All requests for disability related housing accommodations need to be reviewed and approved by the Office of Disability Services.

The Office of Residential Life at Keene State College forwards all medical, psychological, or disability related requests to the Office of Disability Services where the information is kept confidential. We seek to ensure consistency in evaluating requests while at the same time carefully exploring each individual situation. To aid this process, requests will need to include:

  1. Documentation of the condition or need that is the basis of the request. Documentation consists of an evaluation by an appropriate professional that relates the current impact of the condition to the request. Documentation should be typed on official letterhead.
  2. A clear description of the desired housing accommodation;
  3. An explanation of how the request relates to the impact of the condition;
  4. Possible alternatives if the recommended accommodation is not possible.

As appropriate to the condition, documentation should include:

  1. The current impact of (or limitations imposed by) the conditions;
  2. Treatments, medications, devices or services currently prescribed or used to minimize the impact of the condition;
  3. The expected duration, stability, or progression of the condition;
  4. The credentials of the diagnosing professional.

In addition to the basic documentation for a condition listed above, recommendation from the treating professional are welcome and will be given consideration in evaluating a request. Recommendations should:

  1. Provide clear description of the recommended housing accommodation;
  2. Connect the recommended accommodation to the impact of the condition (clearly stated diagnosis);
  3. Possible alternatives to the recommended accommodation;
  4. A statement of the level of need for (or the consequences of not receiving) the recommended accommodation.

Deadlines for Requesting Housing Accommodations

Fall Semester: New and current students: June 30

Spring Semester: New and current students: December 30

Students requesting housing accommodations through the Office of Disability Services must do so in addition to following all regular housing procedures and deadlines.

Please forward documentation supporting your request to:

Lisa David at or fax to a confidential line at 603-358-2313.

Students are welcome to call 603-358-2353 to make an appointment to discuss documentation and requests. Students will be notified in writing explaining the committee’s findings and recommendations shortly after the proper documentation and formal request is received.

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Residential Life and Disability Housing
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