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Reinstatement and Re-Enrollment

Students who do not enroll for one or more semesters and have not secured an approved Leave of Absence are considered to have self-withdrawn from their program. If a student has withdrawn or has been administratively withdrawn and later desires to resume graduate work at Keene State College, they will be required to request reinstatement by initiating the Reinstatement Petition Process, or, based on the determination of the graduate program director and current requirements of the academic degree, may be required to re-apply to the degree program in order to be considered for re-matriculation. If a student is required to re-apply to a degree program, the catalog and degree requirements at the time of re-application will determine the graduate student’s program of study and coursework or competency requirements to earn the degree.

Graduate students whose programs are to be accomplished only during a summer term must give written notice of this intent to their department and to Graduate Studies and must thereafter register for each consecutive summer session until they have completed all degree requirements.

Should a student wish to be reinstated, they must initiate the Reinstatement Petition Process. It will be to the student’s advantage to submit this request as early as possible. The student must be in good academic standing and obtain the approval of their graduate program director or faculty advisor, Department Chair and the Office of Graduate Studies. Permission to be reinstated will be granted only after a full review of the student’s entire academic record and only if the student can be accommodated within the department’s course offerings and research facilities for that semester, and can be reasonably expected to complete all degree requirements within agreed upon time limits (students and their faculty advisor or program director will develop a timeline and plan).

Should the student be recommended for reinstatement through that process, they will be required to pay the established reinstatement fee along with past continuous registration fees not paid.

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Reinstatement and Re-Enrollment
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