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Publications Policy

  1. Overview
  2. Brochures, Flyers, Programs
  3. Newsletters
  4. Use of the College Logo and Seal
  5. Departmental Logos


Any printed piece that is intended for distribution to an external audience (readership beyond the KSC faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students), is produced using College funds, and/or bears the name or logo of Keene State College must be routed through the Marketing and Communications Office. The responsibility of interpreting and implementing this policy has been placed on the Marketing and Communications Office. The final authority for design and format of publications rests with the professional staff of the Marketing and Communications Office.

The Marketing and Communications Office coordinates printing of publications, business cards, stationery, citations, etc., using the bid process established by the University System of New Hampshire and the KSC Purchasing Department. Faculty and staff with printing needs should contact the office for details.

The principal goal of the publications policy is to establish consistency and accuracy in College publications and to provide a consistent identity for Keene State College publications.

Brochures, Flyers, Programs

  1. Plan early. Contact the Marketing and Communications Office early in the planning stages of your publication. We need to allow for sufficient time to schedule editing, designing, bidding, and printing of your publication. Typically, we ask for six weeks (two weeks for writing and editing; two weeks for design and photos; two weeks for printing).
  2. Make an appointment with a Marketing and Communications staff member. Be prepared to discuss the intended audience for your publication, your deadline, your budget, how many you need, and your plans for distributing the publication.
  3. Supply the information. While the Marketing and Communications Office staff will write and/or edit copy for your publication, we depend on you for the information. You may bring in a draft copy for us to edit, or you may bring in a rough outline and we will produce a finished version, subject to your approval.
  4. Costs. We will secure cost estimates for your piece when a design has been worked up; however, it is helpful to us to have an idea of your budget before design begins.
  5. Project approval. You will be asked to approve your project before it goes to the printer. If anyone other than you must also approve copy or be involved at various decision points, it is your responsibility to get that approval.
  6. Schedule. As a rule, publications will be logged into the publication schedule on a first-come, first-served basis, once a draft of the copy is received and funding is secured.


Before you spend time and money producing a newsletter to the campus community from your department, organization, or committee, talk over your needs with the Director of Marketing and Communications. We produce the weekly Campus News and can sometimes incorporate your newsletter into a special section. You would be saving time, money, and trees, as we will take your information, edit it, lay it out, print it, and distribute it for you. You’ll reach your audience faster and everyone will have fewer pieces of paper to deal with. Contact us at 358-2102 or by e-mail.

Use of the College Logo and Seal

The logo is the property of Keene State College and decisions regarding how it is to be used rest with the Director of Marketing and Communications. Unauthorized use of the College logo is forbidden.

The College name, seal, and logo cannot be used in any form by any student or student group in connection with a public performance or publication except when used by a College athletic team, or when authorized by the Director of Marketing and Communications or Vice President for Student Affairs.

The name, seal, and logo are all vital parts of the College brand and image. Consistency in their usage helps to develop and maintain the brand and lends credibility to College endeavors. As such, the name, seal, and logo may not be redrawn, reconstructed, or modified in any way.

Use of the College name, seal, or logo in conjunction with advertisement of any alcoholic beverage is expressly forbidden.

Departmental Logos

The proliferation of individual logos is discouraged. Graphic elements other than the generic KSC logo must be submitted to the Director of Marketing and Communications along with an explanation of the need for the logo and how it will be used. Logo requests must be approved by the President’s Cabinet.

Logo and owl can be downloaded here.

A guide for correct use of the branding items can be found here.

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Publications Policy
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Last Modified: May 10, 2021 –
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