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Owl Card Policy

The Owl Card is the official Keene State College photo ID for students, employees and other individuals affiliated with KSC. The Owl Card Policy governs the use and issuance of the KSC Owl Card for both the new Owl Card design and the former KSC ID Card design.

Owl Card Use

Keene State Owl Card includes but is not limited to the following campus services:

  • Residence Hall/Campus Building Access
  • Library Services
  • Dining Services
  • Recreation Center Access
  • Vending Purchases

Owl Card Eligibility

  • Students
  • All employees (PAT, OS, Faculty, Adjunct and Complementary staff)

Owl Card Holders’ Responsibilities

  1. Use and acceptance of this card indicates your agreement to the terms and conditions that govern its use.
  2. The Owl Card is a multi-functional card containing a secure digital chip, magnetic strip, and barcode. It should be treated with care and steps taken to avoid damaging the cards functionality. If you damage your Owl Card, you do so at your own risk. If damaged, you will be responsible to pay the $25 replacement fee to have a new card produced.
  3. Card holder is responsible to immediately report a lost/stolen card. To report a lost/stolen or found card, call Campus Safety 603-358-2228 or go to the GET Owl Card Portal.
  4. This card must be presented upon request by a College employee.
  5. This card is non-transferable and will be confiscated if found in the possession of another person.
  6. Lending/sharing /fraudulent use/alteration of this card is grounds for College disciplinary action.
  7. Card holder is responsible for expenditures and/or activity with this card until card is reported lost/stolen and for replacement card fee.

Please adhere to the following:

  • Do not crimp, bend or twist card
  • Do not immerse in liquids of any kind
  • Do not machine wash
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or open flame
  • Do not puncture
  • Do not expose to chemicals
  • Do not hole-punch
  • Do not re-laminate

Owl Card Replacement Procedures

  1. There is a $25 replacement fee for Owl Cards. This fee is charged to a student’s account at the time a replacement card is issued. The $25 replacement fee may be waived if both a) and b) are satisfied.
    a. The internal digital chip and/or magnetic strip is no longer fully functional as a result of normal use, preventing use for door access and/or mag strip swiping activities, and the exterior surface of the card is not damaged.
    b. Card holder turns in the current, non-functioning card to the Owl Card Office at the time replacement Owl Card is issued.
  2. Student/employee must provide government form of identification.
  3. KSC does not issue temporary cards.
  4. KSC does not reactivate cards.
  5. Replacement cards are available at the Owl Card Office M-F from 8:00am-4:00pm.
  6. When the Owl Card Office is closed, Campus Safety can provide a replacement card.

Owl Card Lost or Found Procedures

  1. Card holders should report a card as being lost using the GET Owl Card Portal or by calling Campus Safety at 603-358-2228.
  2. Campus Safety will verify if card has been replaced. If card has been replaced, Campus Safety will destroy found card immediately.
  3. Campus Safety will notify a card holder of found Owl Card and indicate card holder has seven days to claim found card at Campus Safety, with the exception of times when classes are not in session.
  4. After seven days, found cards will be shredded and card holder will be subject to Owl Card replacement fee, if applicable.

Owl Card Refund Procedures

  • Owl Cash and Dining Dollars deposited to your Owl Card remain on your account until graduation, withdrawal or separation from Keene State College.
  • Upon written request to, Owl Cash and Dining Dollars balances of more than $20.00 may be refunded after deduction of a $20.00 processing fee as long as the Student Billing Account is in good standing. If not, unspent Owl Cash and/or Dining Dollars will be applied to pay down any unpaid balance.
  • In your written request to please include the mailing address to which your refund, if applicable, should be sent.
  • Please allow two weeks for your refund request to be processed.
  • Please refer to Section 5 of the Meal Plan Contract for refund/crediting terms and conditions associated with the Meal Plan Dollars included in the initial purchase of your meal plan. Unused Meal Plan Dollar balances for an academic year do not transfer to the following year.

For questions, please contact the Owl Card Office at 603-358-2673 or

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Owl Card Policy
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