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Leave of Absence

Students who must leave the College for a period of one semester or more, whether before or after they have completed the work prescribed in their degree program, due to military service, illness, financial hardship, childbirth, adoption or other circumstances should apply for a Leave of Absence. The request should be made in writing by the student to the Dean of Students, accompanied by a Leave of Absence form, carrying the endorsement of the graduate program director.

This written petition must be sufficiently specific to enable the Dean of Students to determine whether the leave is warranted. A Leave of Absence, granted under such unusual circumstances, has the effect of suspending time limitations such as those for completion of the degree or for the removal of incomplete grades.

Accordingly, a leave will be granted only for sufficient reason, and for an explicit period of time. Before engaging in a Leave of Absence, it is essential that graduate students examine and understand the impact that such leave will have on financial aid, student loan repayment and other financial and progression considerations. Leave of Absence may be renewed if circumstances warrant a renewal; however, this should be done in consultation with the degree program director.

A request for a Leave of Absence must be submitted to the Dean of Students by the last day to add courses as specified on the KSC Academic Calendar. Requests received after the designated dates will not be approved. Students who do not enroll for one term and have not secured an approved Leave of Absence are considered to have self-withdrawn from their program. In this case, an approved Reinstatement Petition or successful re-application to the program along with payment of all associated fees must be submitted for the student to be re-matriculated into the degree program. Re-matriculation may also require the submission of a revised plan of study and timeline.

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Leave of Absence
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