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Lactation Policy

Personnel Policy

15. Lactation Policy

15.1 Rationale. Keene State College in compliance with New Hampshire State law, RSA 132:10-d: Breastfeeding in New Hampshire, and in support of the institution’s family friendly initiatives, the college understands the importance and benefits of breastfeeding, such as health benefits to both mother and child; and recognizes and respects the need to accommodate lactating mothers who choose to nurse or express breast milk upon their return to work, without discrimination.

15.2 Policy Statement. Keene State College will provide a workplace that supports the decision of an employee to breastfeed or express when she returns to work. This policy therefore seeks to accommodate the needs of employees within the context of the needs of the College and individual work units. The College will provide an employee reasonable, flexible time and will make reasonable efforts to provide a location to nurse or express breast milk during work hours. Additionally, it is the policy of Keene State College to prohibit discrimination and harassment of employees who exercise their rights under this policy. Further, the institution acknowledges women’s rights to breastfeed in public places and will support those rights of choice for its employees and community members. As Keene State College is a public institution and welcomes diverse peoples to our programs and facilities, mutual sensitivity to the surroundings, to other community members, and to the needs of nursing mothers is requested.

15.3 Applicability of the Policy

15.3.1 All units of the College; and

15.3.2 College faculty, staff, and graduate assistants

15.4 Procedures: Supervisor and Employee Responsibilities

15.4.1 The supervisor must understand the obligation to support employees who intend to breastfeed or express and should accommodate reasonable requests to meet this need. Supervisors will work collaboratively with the employee to develop a “lactation plan for working hours.”

15.4.2 The supervisor and employee will work together to develop a reasonable, flexible work schedule that is mutually convenient for the employee and the work unit. It may include such options as the use of break times to use a breast pump at work; flexible start and finish times; or allowing lunch and/or other breaks to coincide with lactation/breastfeeding needs. The time allowed will not exceed the standard time allowed for lunch and/or breaks. For time above and beyond standard lunch and breaks, PAT sick/annual leave or earned time/sick pool for OS must be used (see policy USY V.A.12), or the employee can come in earlier, leave later, or take a shorter lunch.

15.4.3 The supervisor will work with the employee to identify a suitable, private location to nurse or express milk. The room will have accessible electrical outlets for electric breast pump use and a sink close by with a clean, safe water source. If there is adequate privacy, the room could include an employee’s own office space or a lockable conference room. If such a room does not exist in the building that houses the work unit, arrangements should be made to allow the employee to use another nearby facility room. By state law, the private location may not be a restroom.

15.4.4 The “lactation plan for working hours” should be developed to address the needs of the individual, her circumstance, and the needs of the unit. As such, each plan will be developed on a case by case basis. Support from the Office of Human resources will be available to supervisor and employees needing assistance in identifying solutions and options.

15.4.5 Employees and supervisors who have concerns or questions regarding the Keene State College Lactation Policy should contact the Office of Human Resources.

15.4.6 Employees who believe they have been denied appropriate accommodation or that this policy may have been violated should contact the Office of Human Resources.

Approved by President’s Cabinet, September 18, 2012

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Lactation Policy
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