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Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

The Cumulative Grade Point Average is determined (1) by multiplying the grade value (A=4, AB=3.5, B=3, BC=2.5, C=2, CD=1.5, D=1, F=0) for each course completed at Keene State College by the number of credits for the course to determine the quality grade points for each course; (2) adding all grade points earned; and (3) dividing this total by the total number of credits for all courses attempted.

The semester grade point average may be calculated in the same way using only the grades earned for the particular semester.

Credits earned in a Pass/No Pass course are used to determine total credits earned by the student toward graduation; however, the credits in such courses are not used in calculating grade point averages. While Pass/No Pass grades don’t impact GPA, a failure in a Pass/Fail situation does. Non-credit courses are not included in grade point averages.

(Revised May, 2011)

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Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)
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