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Full Time and Part Time Registration for Graduate Students

Registration status for students may change over the course of graduate study and may include full-time and part-time status. Eligibility for specific registration statuses depends on several factors, including degree type (e.g., certificate, master’s) and citizenship, and each status has different requirements.

Students who desire or who are required to register for full-time study during any semester or summer term must register and pay tuition and fees for full-time work. In order to qualify for full-time registration, students must register for at least 9 credits during a regular semester or 6 credits during a summer term.

Half-time registration for a KSC graduate student is considered a minimum of 3 credits up to 8 credits.

Students registering for credits in excess of 12 per semester will be charged the appropriate part-time per credit tuition for each credit over the limit. Dropping overload credit after the end of the add/drop period does not reduce term bills.

Students must be cognizant that course credit load is a significant determining factor regarding eligibility for and continuity of financial aid.

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Full Time and Part Time Registration for Graduate Students
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