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Enrollment Status

Course Load. The maximum credit load for matriculated undergraduate students is 20 credits. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Office of Academic and Career Advising prior to registration for more than 20 credits. A student requesting an exception must do so in writing, including the number of credits to be attempted, specific courses, and rationale. Additional tuition will be charged for credit overloads.

Academic Year. Full- and part-time enrollment status for fall and spring semesters and summer session is determined according to the following table.


Credits Status
12 or more Full-time
9 - 11 3/4 time
6 - 8 Half-time
1 - 5 Less than half-time


Graduate student enrollment status is described in the “Graduate Study in Education” section of the catalog.

(Revised May, 2011)

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Enrollment Status
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